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    Hi guys:
    Now, a variety of problems in the forums, such as some of the app could not install; how to set the passthrough; the remotion could not be used; how to use the AV cable, etc.
    some of the problem is the basic user guide, maybe it's no need to be discussed.
    some of the problem is the after-service, maybe it's no need to be discussed.
    so, we classify these problems:
    basic user guide;
    technical discussion.

    First: User guide
    now, we are developing a page for the user guide in our homepage, it will contain pictrue course, video course. If you have a problem, first you should into the user guide to find the answer.
    The user guide will contain three module:
    1)basic guide: start up the device; connect the network; use vpn, etc.
    2)the skills of kodi: how to install/uninstall the addon; how to change the skins; how to set passthrough, etc;
    3)zidoo apk and other skills: zidoo remote control; how to flash the firmware; smb and nfs, etc.

    Second: After-service
    we will develope a page for the after-service, and you can provide the problem in this system, you should provide where to buy, purchasing date, purchasing channels, problem description(maybe take some pictrue), etc.
    And we workers will contact to slove those problem.

    Third: Technical discussion
    we are very welcome to discuss some technical problems in the forums. maybe you have some problem for some app could install, maybe you find some very good addon, etc. and you could discuss in the forums.
    If we find it is a basic user guide proble in the forums, and we have a course in the "User guide", we will delete the thread and will PM to you.
    If we find it is a after-service problem int the forums, we will delete the thread and PM to you, please use the after-service page.
    If these have some problem in the forums, we will delete the thread and will PM to you, please search the problem first in the forums.

    Please forgive!
    We hope everyone can be happy to use zidoo products and get a satisfactory answer!

    the guideline link:
    after-service link:
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  2. grummel2005

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  3. cyber7

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  4. cyber7

    cyber7 Active Member Beta test group

    Please could you ALSO add downloads for ZDMC.apk for all the platforms?

    kind regards
    cyber7 (aka Aubrey Kloppers; Cape Town; South Africa)
  5. cobra78

    cobra78 Member

    ZDMC is only for Zidoo X6 or other RK3368 devices.
    eg. Allwinner, AMLogic, Hisilicon, Realtek, Mstar devices all require their own custom Kodi's. for their chipsets
    For PC's with Windows, Linux or other Android devices they use the official Kodi version for their platform and Zidoo Kodi will have no benefit to those users.
    If Zidoo Kodi is not working on other RK3368 devices, those no-name manufacturers have to provide firmware updates to make ZDMC work on their devices, it's not Zidoo's responsibility.
  6. cyber7

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    @cobra78 Not what I am saying.

    What I am saying is:
    Please could you make the ZDMC.apk available for download so that when I have a problem with ONLY Kodi I can re-install without having to download the entire X6 Firmware. Making it available for RK3386 as a download will also open exposure to the Zidoo brand from other RK3386 users...

    Quite a bit of marketing if you ask me... :)
    kind regards
    cyber7 (aka Aubrey Kloppers; Cape Town; South Africa)
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  7. cobra78

    cobra78 Member

    I didn't understand you since I knew Zidoo already released the ZDMC Kodi app separately over a week ago here
    It is also available in your /system/preinstall folder to reinstall.
  8. grummel2005

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    could you PLEASE stop making advertizing for your blog?
    this has nothing to do with the zidoo support here
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  9. grummel2005

    grummel2005 Well-Known Member

    ZIDOO make please a DOWNLOAD SECTION, where users can download data for all the specific devices
    please do NOT give only links in THREADS
    this DOWNLOAD SECTION must be an fixed thread at the top of the device area
    this is confusing and OLD DATA stays there so you cannot handle it, because you have to go thru all the threads if you chage anything
    thx a lot!
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  11. cyber7

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    It is my signature. Now stop it!
  12. grummel2005

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    sorry but it is still there :(
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    <ignored member>
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  14. Rene Veen

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    And now back to the subject please
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  15. grummel2005

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    i do not need advertizing :)
    otherwise my signature would be veeeeery long - oki?
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  16. grummel2005

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    dear ZIDOO boys and girls
    look here
    there you can see how bugworking is going on
    you can set here issues as "to be tested" "feature request" "question" "bug" and and and so everybody see immediatly what status this point has
    this would be perfect for you and we can see how the status on the problems is
    so much double questions do not have to be made and much less frustration for user and support!
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  17. grummel2006

    grummel2006 New Member

    why writing such things? - headshaking ...

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