Surfshark - Easter Egg on Android App for Mobile ( Zidoo Install Default)

Discussion in 'other' started by nc88keyz, Mar 14, 2023.

  1. nc88keyz

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    We all are quite aware the OS version ( while highly customized on the Zidoo boxes is in fact at the core. Android Mobile. To make this trick work Turn on mouse mode or use mouse. Click on the Version number 7-8 times, You will be prompted with message to Turn on desktop Mode or Mobile Mode if you would like to return. This puts the Surfshark VPN app on par with Android TV mode in case you were wondering. I was just piddling and figured this out one day because I was so disappointed with the Android Mobile app on the zidoo box. Return to remote mode and enjoy painfree android tv navigation on the Surfshark VPN app.

    If anyone knows how to get Channels DVR installed in Android TV Mode please let me know. Its aweful on the Zidoo. compared to the a Shield or Tivo Stream 4K or Other Android TV device.
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    Both NVR and DVR are used to record and store video. Once connected to the monitor, the NVR and DVR cameras can be easily accessed, viewed and configured

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