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  1. Tony77

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    Has anyone noticed that INTERNAL SRT subs (muxed in a mkv) do NOT offer the same features as an EXTERNAL .SRT????? But if you extract that same srt from the file you can then utilize outline & shadow features??

    I don't know when this changed, because a few firmwares back an SRT subtitle had the same features whether it was INTERNAL or EXTERNAL...At some point this CHANGED? Its quite annoying as most mkvs come with subs already muxed, and subtitles without an "outline" or "background" are very difficult to see against many scenes.

    My workaround had been to go extract the subs on my pc..(which is unrealistic). .I've also tried adding 50 different FONTS that are preshaded to the selectable fonts..(thereby, attempting to replicate "OUTLINE") but have not yet found an ideal font to duplicate the lost features..

    Im surprised I couldn't find anyone other threads mentioning this?

    thnx as always!
  2. sebastien.dst

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    I don't remember trying (.srt) subtitles because I mostly use the bluray (.sup) or the (.ass) formats.
    For (.ass) format it's the same problem for me.

    Example: If I load a Bluray ISO file or mkv file and I take an external subtitle, the outline doesn't work.

    If I remember, I had tested a lot of options: \fad, \move, \pos...
    Everything works perfectly except outline and blur options.
    For the shadow option, it's perfect.

    For Internal (.ass) nothing works for me.
    Zidoo doesn't automatically recognize the typography of the internal (.ass) file and doesn't load my font into the customsubtitlefont folder.
    And same problem for outline and blur options.
    You can select the outline with 2px or 20px, nothing works.
    And for blur if i remember, the option burns the real colors and the rendering is very bad.
  3. Vinny4K

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    As far as I know, intern subtitles has never got the same options as an external subtitle.
    Which firmware has this options available for intern subtitles?

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