Spindown/Sleep for SATA attached HDD's

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  1. Nice Monkey

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    The HDD spindown/sleep utility is asked by many. Zidoo should consider making it a standard option.
    Should work with SATA Internal or Eternal attached HDD 's.

    The included bat.file is executed on a windows PC which needs to connect via IP with the Android media player. The interval of go to sleep is adjustable and can be uninstalled if desired.

    Did not test myself as I use a USB-3 docking which is not supported. It was made available to me by Dimitrij.

    I will upload the file if somebody tells me how to do this (fails to upload the 290 KByte zip).
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  3. videobruce

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    When you put the X10 into standby, can I assume the internal HDD does spin down?
    W/O getting too far OT, does anyone know (measured) what the power consumption is (at 120v) in standby & run states?

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