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  1. andyt1000

    andyt1000 New Member

    I have noticed that this forum gets more of its share with spam posts.Does Zidoo have people looking into this.
  2. Prometheus

    Prometheus New Member

    I already submitted the problem in another post.
    YES this forum is getting more and more stupid spams. They are annoying for sure. I report them, but they keep coming. It's more like putting a bandaid on a wound.
    Is there a definitive solution to get rid off them once and for all. I don't know.
    Modos, any updates on this nuisance here would be welcome.
  3. HaoSs

    HaoSs Well-Known Member Beta test group Contributor

    well. my last post on that topic still applies, i was the one that deleted the spam every day, but i had to quit, sorry about that, but as much as i wanted to help you guys, deleting spam by hand is not the way i want to spend my life. fell free to pm @spring @mirror @freeroc , if they get enough pm maybe they will invest some time in fixing this
  4. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Active Member Beta test group

    A way to avoid SPAM is by initially granting new users read only after some them time they are enabled write rights.
  5. HaoSs

    HaoSs Well-Known Member Beta test group Contributor

    captcha on registration, confirmation email, captcha on login, on first posts, DNS block lists/ip check , there are allot of tools at admin disposal
  6. Prometheus

    Prometheus New Member

    So when are they going to start to implement these tools to stop these stupid spams?
  7. HaoSs

    HaoSs Well-Known Member Beta test group Contributor

    No idea, it's like" you need to fix this, talk with your admin, hire someone, or i can fix it for you. DO SOMETHING" . zidoo response:

  8. Prometheus

    Prometheus New Member

    Once again the SPAM postings on this forum are getting out of hands. Now you have at least 8 spams per page everywhere. With all these spams, I come to this forum less and less, it was great before, you could read posts about different people experience, problems with their Zidoo boxes, now it's a nightmare. Where is/are the admin(s) here? Can they do something about it, or are we going to get more bombarded by these spams all the time. Just deleting,the spams one by one everyday is not the solution, and it's also time consuming for the one(s) who is/are doing it. It's time that Zidoo,/admin do something really serious about it, and not just conveniently keep ignoring it.
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  9. HaoSs

    HaoSs Well-Known Member Beta test group Contributor

    yah. it's getting worse

    DELUCAS Active Member

    Zidoo Team can you sort out the SPAMS its getting annoying now on these forums . :(

    Or Have it that any new members joining cant post till at least 10 members welcome them in to the forum ?
  11. Prometheus

    Prometheus New Member

    Obviously to sell useless shit. Most of the spams are for Viagra, health benefits...
    There were gone for awhile, something must have been done by the admins, but lately they keep reappearing.
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