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Discussion in 'ZIDOO X9S' started by mirror, Aug 9, 2017.

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    Thank you
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    and now.........

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    Thanks for the information
    How soon will we be getting update ?
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    Hoping that i'll finally be able to use my X9S for the first time after 3 months because of the 16-235 feature !! (actually, the X9S while changing page and loading popup on image, it make a coilwhine on my Tv, but on an another media player i have (not from zidoo) it's when i put the 16-235 parameters instead of the other ones, that the issue stopped ! i cross my fingers :) !
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    It would be better to have display modes (clock/elapsed time/remaining time) on popup menu instead of Quick Settings menu. It could be used frequently and in this way you have this setting handy.

    Leave a space between letter and parentheses. For example: 'Limited range_(16-235)'.

    And my personal advice is to modify text of option 'Show playback time' for 'Show elapsed playback time'. It's better. The remaining options should be:

    'Show the remaining playback time' (remove article 'the')
    'Show the clock' (remove article 'the')

    Thanks for your improvements.

    @mirror, I have updated this post to suggest you clearer names for options.
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