Severe stuttering when playing BD with MENU and Audio set to LPCM 2.0

Discussion in 'ZIDOO Z9S' started by Nice Monkey, Oct 29, 2018.

  1. Nice Monkey

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    I came across a serious stutter issue which I can reproduce easily as it makes the movie unwatchable due to constant stuttering (video+audio).
    It happens only when playing BD with Menu processing (not when playing without) and Audio is set to LPCM 2-channel output (not when set to RAW).

    The actual audio track apparently causing the problem is "2-channel DTS HD 48Khz" (as typical present on many recent re-mastered older movies).

    Can be reproduced using both X9S and Z9S running the most recent FW's.
    Most likely all other Zidoo players have this problem too.
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  2. RonG

    RonG New Member

    Does this happen with the Zidoo player or with ZDMC? For me many BD menus don´t even work with the Zidoo player (nor X9s, a little better with Z9s), even chapter navigation/skip doesn´t work with many of my DVD/BD disc ISOs.

    ZDMC shows stuttering for me with some tested ISOs on the Z9s where the X9s worked at least with HD files. This makes the newer Z9s somewhat unusable for me since many music BD ISOs only make sense with chapter skip/BD menu for me and so currently demand the use of ZDMC.
    With the Zidoo player performance is quite good for me even with use of BD menu where working.
    And yes, I´m also on LPCM 2 channel since I´m an "Accuphase fanboy" ;-) and don´t want/use a surround system.

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