RTD1295 versus RTD1296 in detail.

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    The same process but RTD1296 ver. B is 50% larger than RTD1295ver. B, there is more functions and better performance. RTD1296DD has better data bus processing capability, true 64-bit memory bandwidth the response speed of system is more than 30% faster than RTD1295DD. 1296 chipset also supports dual channel independent SATA 3.0 can connect with two HDD at the same time without interfering each other. Hence more pins needed.


    Specifically HDR processing and conversion to SDR has been improved to enhance the PQ.
    HDR parameters MaxCLL and MaxFALL were implemented since FW v2.1.40 fairly recently.

    Next to this some shortcoming were ironed out like the 24/1001 clock tolerance with Ver.B chips.
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