RTD1295/RTD1296 Openwrt Package Feeds (Package Repo)

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    Throw out 15.0! Try lastest OpenWrt, in https://github.com/jjm2473/rtd1295-openwrt18-porting

    *** This feeds is for RTD1295/RTD1296 devices with Openwrt 15.0/15.0.1 running ***

    *** Including ZIDOO X9S/Z9S etc. ***

    Install feeds

    1. SSH (or Putty) to your device (assume that the IP of the device is
      ssh root@
    2. Run these commands in the SSH session
      cd /tmp
      wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/jjm2473/rtd1295-blob/master/scripts/install.sh
      chmod 755 install.sh
      opkg update
    • Feeds installed!
    Install packages
    After installing feeds, you can install packages in your device just like a normal Openwrt device.
    Open device's luci admin page on browser, enter 'System/Software' to do searching or/and installing.

    Source Link:

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    hmm, what packages are available ? u sure the links are set up right ? i only see a 404

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