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  1. markrutte10

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    This week I bought a zidoo x20
    But the remote control works very bad
    For instance when I open youtube and move the remote control downwards the page nothing happens.
    Upwards is the same and so it is with many pages.
    I do something wrong or more having this problem.
    Hope someone can help me.
  2. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    You need a Youtube version meant for Android TV as that reacts on standard remotes. Most APP´s designed for smart-phones won´t work well or not at all using a standard IR/BT remote (these are designed for screen touch control). Using a real RF pointer mouse (not a simple cursor scroll mouse on the remote) does the job much better in most cases. That is what I use.
  3. markrutte10

    markrutte10 New Member

    Thanks for the response
    Witch one of RF pointer mouse do you use and for what price
    Is it really so much better then what I now use.
    Can you recommend a good RFpointer

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