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    [QUOTE="dipper_cat, post: 39499, member: 19139"
    ]Question 1: Netflix doesn't, can't scroll episodes
    Answer: What's the version of netflix you use? This problem did not appear in the test process. My version on this side is 4.16.1 build 200147.
    reapur: the version I have problems with build 200147
    I tried the apk mirko suggested in to download the modded apk and this one seems to work better.

    Question 2: BoxRC link is completely wrong
    Answer: Do you use LAN(Local Area Network)? The software USES the premise that your Android device and box are in the same LAN, if not,the IP address
    displayed by the software is your public Internet IP address.If you have multiple devices using this same IP, it will not be able to connect and control the box
    reapur: Correct, I'm at home on my lan, not wifi. This appears to be a problem with chrome on nougat. It will not download from that link. I copy/pasted that link into an email and and I was able to get it on a PC.

    Question 3: The mirror software has the wrong link and makes no sense.
    Answer: Mirror software? Do you mean the recommended application on the home page?
    Happycast. Please see the pic attached to this post. The app is not in english, I was able to find the QR code, but the web site it loads in not in english so I don't know what to do there. Do I just download happycast app or do I need a special version? The one I managed to download from the net isn't very useful as it's not in english.

    Question 4: Youtube installs the wrong app, scrolling problems.
    Answer: This Youtube app works better with the mouse, and if you're not used to it, you can use Youtube for Android TV.
    reapur: I click the icon from the main screen, next to TED. It loads some version that doesn't respond to the mouse. The H6 is used for my home theater, it's 14 feet away :)
    Thank you. Youtube for android tv works better. Why does the default icon point to the wrong version? now I have two youtube links on the main screen but only one works.

    Thank you for your support and understanding[/QUOTE]

    Hi Dipper_cat
    answers inline ...
    Thank you for your continued support

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    Hi dipper_cat
    I received my Zidoo H6 Pro last friday and updated the firmware straight away into 1.028.
    Google play store works fine, browser(chrome) works fine but I cannot update the google play services (cannot be installed error 504)
    I just hate keep receiving notification about needing to update the google play services.
    If I update the youtube to the latest version on google play store, when I open it it asked for google play services needs to be updated in order to use youtube.
    By the way, my youtube cannot play 4K videos (1080p the highest setting)
    Please help me with this.
    Thanks in advance

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    This issues will be solved in the next version. The current solution is to use the old version of Youtube.Of course, the new firmware will soon be updated
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    People, how do you use SMB connection at all? It gives me errors and failed all the time when try to connect. The only successful try was to my PC, seening its default folders, but not my personal account data. The Mac computers are untouchable at all - always user/pass errors.
    My point is Zodoo Media player access to the Mac or PC internal drives using the network in the house.
    I'm able to do that with all my devices by samba connection using the same user/pass combinations. Which is the wrong move?
    That is on v.1.0.28.

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