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    If the video does not have chapters, pressing the PgUp/PgDn keys will switch to next/previous video.

    If the video does have chapters you can modify the behaviour of the PgUp/PgDn Function Keys in settings to switch video (and set arrow keys to switch chapters if you want).

    Bear in mind that this behaviour honours resume points.
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    I should have mentioned that I always turn CEC off on all devices and control everything through a Harmony remote.
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    How can I find out if my TV supports TV led?

    Dune Support once told me that my Pana does not support this and Zidoo delivers the signal in Player LED, although TV led is set.

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    All the Panasonic TV EDIDs I've seen are both TV Led and Player Led.

    The norm is for either TV Led only (early DV sets) or both since Player Led was originally a low latency mode designed for gaming and it was only Sony's cockup when they released "Dolby Vision" TVs that weren't actually powerful enough for TV Led DV that resulted in Dolby doing a complete about turn to appease one of their largest customers...

    If you send me your EDID I'll check for you.
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    Ok, there's interesting - it is Player Led only:

    DV Version: 2
    DV DM Version: v3.x
    DV Interface: low latency 422 12bit
    2160p60: supported
    YUV422 12bit: not supported
    Global Dimming: not supported
    Backlight Control: not supported, default 100 nits
    RED Primary: 0.680, 0.320
    GREEN Primary: 0.250, 0.684
    BLUE Primary: 0.145, 0.047
    MAX/MIN Luminance: 775 / 0.000 nits
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    Thank you
    Then Dune Support said it right.
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    Yes :p:rolleyes:
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    Maybe Zidoo can implement an option at EDID function - show EDID.
    I think it would be very helpful for many users, then you don't have to do it anymore ;)
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    Anyone can query an EDID - the best software to use to do this is Advantiv EEditGold which produces a nice human readable report.

    What I produced above is just the Dolby block and the ability to decode that isn't public domain.

    Your full EDID, for example, is as below, and I think it's beyond the scope of a media player to produce such a report. Just out of interest, the Dolby block is highlighted in red - as you can see it's meaningless without being decoded:

    Product ID
    Manufacturer : MEI
    Model ID : 41622
    Serial Number : 16843009
    Week Made : not specified
    Manu. Year : 2019
    Edid Version : 1.3
    Video Input Definition
    DFP 1.x Compatible : No
    Features supported
    DPMS/DPM : none
    Display Color Type : RGB
    Features : Preferred Timing Mode
    Gamma : 2.20
    Image Size : Horizontal : 128 Vertical : 72
    Color Characteristics
    Red : x=0.640 y=0.345
    Green : x=0.291 y=0.635
    Blue : x=0.163 y=0.093
    White : x=0.288 y=0.296
    Established Timing
    700 x 400 @ 70Hz : No
    720 x 400 @ 88Hz : No
    640 x 480 @ 60Hz : Yes
    640 x 480 @ 67Hz : No
    640 x 480 @ 72Hz : No
    640 x 480 @ 75Hz : No
    800 x 600 @ 56Hz : No
    800 x 600 @ 60Hz : No
    800 x 800 @ 72Hz : No
    800 x 600 @ 75Hz : No
    832 x 624 @ 75Hz : No
    1024 x 768 @ 87Hz (I) : No
    1024 x 768 @ 60Hz : Yes
    1024 x 768 @ 70Hz : No
    1024 x 768 @ 75Hz : No
    1280 x 1024 @ 75Hz : No
    1132 x 870 @ 75Hz : No
    Standard Timing
    #1 : Act. Pixel=640 Ref=60(Hz) 4:3
    #2 : Act. Pixel=1024 Ref=60(Hz) 4:3
    #3 : Act. Pixel=256 Ref=61(Hz) 16:10
    #4 : Act. Pixel=256 Ref=61(Hz) 16:10
    #5 : Act. Pixel=256 Ref=61(Hz) 16:10
    #6 : Act. Pixel=256 Ref=61(Hz) 16:10
    #7 : Act. Pixel=256 Ref=61(Hz) 16:10
    Descriptor Block #1
    Detailed Timing
    Pixel Clk = 594.00 MHz
    H Active = 3840
    H Blank = 560
    H Front Porch = 176
    H Sync Width = 88
    H Image Size = 698
    H Border = 0
    V Active = 2160
    V Blank = 90
    V Front Porch = 8
    V Sync Width = 10
    V Image Size = 392
    V Border = 0
    Stereo Display = None (Normal)
    Sync Scheme = Digital Separate, V Polarity Positive, H Polarity Positive,
    Mod = Progressive
    Descriptor Block #2
    Detailed Timing
    Pixel Clk = 148.50 MHz
    H Active = 1920
    H Blank = 280
    H Front Porch = 88
    H Sync Width = 44
    H Image Size = 698
    H Border = 0
    V Active = 1080
    V Blank = 45
    V Front Porch = 4
    V Sync Width = 5
    V Image Size = 392
    V Border = 0
    Stereo Display = None (Normal)
    Sync Scheme = Digital Separate, V Polarity Positive, H Polarity Positive,
    Mode = Progressive
    Descriptor Block #3
    Product Name - 0xFC
    Descriptor Block #4
    Monitor Range Limit - 0xFD
    Default GTF
    Range Limit
    Min V rate=23 kHz
    Max V rate=61 kHz
    Min H rate=15 kHz
    Min H rate=136 kHz
    Max Clock =600 MHz
    Extensions = 1
    Checksum = 1D

    Header = 2
    Revision = 3
    Offset = 107
    Native DTDs = 0
    Underscan = Yes
    Audio = Yes
    YCbCr 444 = Yes
    YCbCr 422 = Yes
    Short Video Block #1
    97 3840x2160p 59.94Hz/60Hz 16:9 1:1 1x .
    96 3840x2160p 50Hz 16:9 1:1 1x .
    16 1920x1080p 59.94Hz/60Hz 16:9 1:1 1x .
    31 1920x1080p 50Hz 16:9 1:1 1x .
    102 4096x2160p 59.94Hz/60Hz 256:135 1:1 1x .
    101 4096x2160p 50Hz 256:135 1:1 1x .
    5 1920x1080i 59.94Hz/60Hz 16:9 1:1 1x .
    20 1920x1080i 50Hz 16:9 1:1 1x .
    32 1920x1080p 23.98Hz/24Hz 16:9 1:1 1x .
    33 1920x1080p 25Hz 16:9 1:1 1x .
    34 1920x1080p 29.97Hz/30Hz 16:9 1:1 1x .
    4 1280x720p 59.94Hz/60Hz 16:9 1:1 1x .
    19 1280x720p 50Hz 16:9 1:1 1x .
    3 720x480p 59.94Hz/60Hz 16:9 32:27 1x .
    18 720x576p 50Hz 16:9 64:45 1x .
    7 720(1440)x480i 59.94Hz/60Hz 16:9 32:27 2x .
    22 720(1440)x576i 50Hz 16:9 64:45 2x .
    93 3840x2160p 23.98Hz/24Hz 16:9 1:1 1x .
    94 3840x2160p 25Hz 16:9 1:1 1x .
    95 3840x2160p 29.97Hz/30Hz 16:9 1:1 1x .
    98 4096x2160p 23.98Hz/24Hz 256:135 1:1 1x .
    99 4096x2160p 25Hz 256:135 1:1 1x .
    100 4096x2160p 29.97Hz/30Hz 256:135 1:1 1x .
    Audio Data Block #1
    1 L-PCM, channels=6, rate=48,44.1,32kHz, bits=16
    2 AC-3, channels=6, rate=48,44.1,32kHz, MBR=640
    10 Enhanced AC-3, channels=8, rate=48,44.1,32kHz, AFCdv=1
    12 MAT, channels=8, rate=48kHz, AFCdv=3
    Speaker Data Block #1
    Vendor Specific Data Block (VSDB) #1
    TAG=3, Length=14, OUI=000C03, A=1, B=1, C=0, D=0
    Deep Color: 36/30 bits, Y444
    Max TMDS Clock: 300 MHz
    Present: Hdmi Video,Type 3,Type 2,Type 1,Type 0
    HDMI: 3D present=No, 3D Multi-Present=0, HDMI Vic Length=4, HDMI 3D Length=0, Image Size=1
    Vic List
    #1 1 4K x 2K @ 29.97/30
    #2 2 4K x 2K @ 25
    #3 3 4K x 2K @23.98/24
    #4 4 4K x 2K 24 SMPTE
    Vendor Specific Data Block (VSDB) #2
    HDMI Forum (HF)
    TAG=3, Length=7, OUI=D85DC4
    SCDC Present=Yes, RR Capable=No, CCBPI=No
    LTE 340M Scramble=No, Dual View=No, Independent View=No, 3D OSD Disparity=No
    DC 48bit 420=No, DC 36bit 420=Yes, DC 30bit 420=Yes
    Mdelta=No, Cinema VRR=No, CNMVRR=No, FVA=No, ALLM=No, FAPA Start Location=No
    DSC_1p2=No, DSC_Native_420=No
    DSC_All_bpp=No, DSC_16bpc=No, DSC_12bpc=No, DSC_10bpc=No
    Max TMDS Character Rate = 600 MHz
    Max Variable Refresh Rate = 0 Hz
    Min Variable Refresh Rate = 0 Hz
    Max FRL Rate = 0 Fixed Rate Link is not supported per lane
    DSC Max Slices = 0 VESA DSC 1.2a is not supported
    DSC Max FRL Slices = 0 no support for Compressed Video Transport
    DSC Total Chunk kBytes = 0
    Extended Data Block #1
    Video Capability Data Block
    Quantization Range, Applies to YCC only = No Data
    Quantization Range Selectable, Applies to RGB only = Selectable vid AVI Q
    PT Behavior = No Data (Refer to CE or IT fields
    IT Behavior = Always under scanned
    CE Behavior = Supports both over and under scan
    Extended Data Block #2
    Colorimetry Data Block
    xvYCC_601=True, xvYCC_709=True, sYCC_601=True, Adobe_YCC601=True
    Adobe_RGB=True, BT2020_cYCC=True, BT2020_YCC=True, BT2020_RGB=True
    MD0=True MD1=False MD2=False MD3=False DCI-P3=False
    Extended Data Block #3
    YCbCr 4:2:0 Capability Map Data Block
    #0 X X - - X X - -
    Extended Data Block #4
    HDR Static Metadata
    ET_0=True ET_1=True ET_2=True ET_3=True ET_4=False ET_5=False
    SM_0=True SM_1=False SM_2=False SM_3=False SM_4=False SM_5=False SM_6=False SM_7=False
    Desired Content Max Luminance = NA
    Desired Content Max Frame Luminance = NA
    Desired Content Max Luminance = NA
    Extended Data Block #5
    Custom Video Data Block
    EXT=1, Payload Length=1, OUI=90848B
    Data = 01

    Extended Data Block #6
    Custom Video Data Block
    EXT=1, Payload Length=7, OUI=00D046
    Data = 44 03 70 80 5E 75 94

    Extended Data Block #7
    Vendor Specific Audio Data Block
    ETC=17 OUI=00D046 Payload Length=2
    Data = 70 00
    Detailed Timing #1
    Pixel Clk = 85.50 MHz
    Interlaced = False
    Active = 1366 pixels
    Blank = 426 pixels
    Front Porch = 70 pixels
    Sync Width = 143 pixels
    Image Size = 698 mm
    Border = 0 pixels
    Active = 768 lines
    Blank = 30 lines
    Front Porch = 3 lines
    Sync Width = 3 lines
    Image Size = 392 mm
    Border = 0 lines
    Stereo Display = None (Normal)
    Sync Scheme = Digital Composite, Vpol=Positive, Hpol=Positive
    Checksum = D7

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    In fact, it's a lot of information, I didn't know. Then I'd rather look at it myself with Advantiv EEditGold, or ask you :)
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    Thank you very much, I forgot about the down-arrow playback menu!
    Thank you very much once again, Mark, this is just what I wanted!
    I'm curious, what would one do with this info?
  13. coyote2

    coyote2 Member

    Can one clear assigned functions of the bottom row of colored keys?
    Edit: Now I can answer this. They're cleared just like they're assigned, you just go to the row and click on the minus instead of the plus to add.
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    Under "Display" menu there is a setting "Screen ratio" and a sub-setting "Display Mode" with 3 options:
    1. Compression
    2. Screen Cover
    3. Compression(GUI)

    Any ideas what this is for and which sub-setting must be selected?
  15. Deano86

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    It is only for those Zidoo users which use a 2.35:1 or scope projection screen... they can choose various options for how to display movies, GUI or other menu items of the Zidoo so that they are displayed properly within that screen ratio. Nothing needed to be done if you use a normal 16:9 or 1.78: 1 display.
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    coyote2 Member

    Dear Mark, I concede that I'm hopelessly confused about how to toggle between whether my UHD3000 or my TV upscales. And about framerate output. I throw myself on your mercy again, sorry.

    I've noticed that regardless of whether I "Match Framerate Only", or "Match Framerate and Resolution", my UHD3000 is outputting everything at what I set (and Locked) Settings/Display/Resolution resolution and framerate to.

    For example, when Settings/Display/Resolution = 1080p / 60Hz that's what the UHD3000 says it is outputting (and the TV agreed it was getting 1080p), for all these contents...
    1080p / 30Hz
    1080p / 59.940 Hz
    2160p / 23.976 Hz
    2160p / 29.970 Hz

    ...for both match options. I thought there was a match option that would result in 2160p content being output by the UHD3000 as 2160p.

    Naturally my LG C1 OLED is upscaling the 1080p signal, but of course I'd like the option for the UHD3000 to do that with 1080p content, and for no upscaling to be needed for 2160p content. Apparently I need to set Settings/Display/Resolution resolution = 2160p regardless of which match option I choose?

    And I'd like the TV also to be displaying the content's own framerate. But no matter what I match, the UHD3000 is sending it as the fixed Settings/Display/Resolution framerate. This doesn't sound good since it's usually not going to match the content, so I'm mystified as to what to do.

    Incidentally, the video file content I'm browsing most quickly is all over the map in terms of resolution (usually 1080p or 2160p) and framerate (23.97, 29.970, 30, 59.940), so I figure there's no way out my being frustrated by resyncs.
  17. Markswift2003

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    Ok - sounds like you've got yourself terribly confused, but I must admit I'm not sure how...

    Easiest is to tell me what behaviour you want and I'll tell you the correct settings...
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  18. coyote2

    coyote2 Member

    Thank you very much, Mark! I wish that my confusion wasn't getting in the way of my stating very concisely what I want, because I hate to take your time here. Here's my best shot at stating what I'd like:

    ** Framerate **
    I'd like the framerate of the video file content (which widely varies, 23.976, 29.970, 30Hz, 59.940 Hz) to be the framerate at which it appears on my TV screen. In other words, to passthrough.

    Maybe I'm wrong that this is even desirable (or possible). But IIRC, one at least hopes the displayed framerate will be an integer multiple of the content framerate (though I guess even 23.96 to 60 might not be too bad as it's close to a multiple of 2.5).

    I think this is what I'm most confused about. For one because while the Info button tells me what the UHD3000 is outputting, I don't know what framerate my TV is displaying. For another because it seems like no matter what the framerate of the video file content and no matter which of the two Match settings*, the UHD3000 outputs a fixed framerate.

    *whether I "Match Framerate Only", or "Match Framerate and Resolution"

    Maybe I just don't know how I should want framerate dealt with. Maybe my mistake is in assuming that my TV can even handle all the framerates of my content were they passed through.

    ** Resolution **
    Last month I wanted the option to not fill my 2160p TV screen with content less than 2160p, but I happily accepted that that's not possible, and so content of all resolutions will fill my screen. Now...

    I wanted to compare how content looked when my UHD3000 upscaled it, to how content looked when my TV upscaled it. I thought I could do that by my choice of whether I "Match Framerate Only", or "Match Framerate and Resolution". But the Resolution and Framerate the UHD3000 outputs are exactly the same either way!

    So I don't even know which I want to do the upscaling, because I can't compare. If it's impossible for me to compare, I'd be fine with someone telling me which to have do the upscaling. (Heck, for all I know I wouldn't be able to see a difference anyway so knowledgeable advice might be more valuable than my ability to compare.)

    If the answer is to have the UHD3000 do the upscaling, my testing suggests that all I have to do is set Settings/Display/Resolution = 2160p.

    OTOH, if the answer is to have my TV do the upscaling, I have no idea how to do that. Because no matter whether I "Match Framerate Only" or "Match Framerate and Resolution", the UHD3000 outputs the fixed resolution specified in Settings/Display/Resolution. In other words 720p, 1080p, and 2160p are all output by the UHD3000 at one fixed resolution, which if it happens to match the content resolution is fine.

    But take 720p content and a 1080p Display/Resolution setting for example: the UHD3000 would upscale to 1080p, then the TV would do a 2nd lossy upscale operation to 2160p! Take 2160p content and a 1080p Display/Resolution setting for example: the UHD3000 would downscale to 1080p, then the TV would do a 2nd lossy (up)scaling operation to 2160p! Multiple lossy scaling operations are (to me cringingly) suboptimal, so if I want the TV to do the upscaling, I'd prefer the UHD3000 to pass through the resolution of the content to the TV.
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    Ok - you are way overthinking this.

    First point - you ALWAYS want to match frame rate.


    To test the TV scaling, set Auto Frame Rate to "Match Frame Rate & Resolution"

    To test the Zidoo scaling, set Auto Frame Rate to "Match Frame Rate Only"

    In both cases I'd set Resolution to Auto which will provide the highest value your display allows (should be 3840x2160P 60Hz)

    This should just work and with an LG C1 I can't see why not.

    Can you send me two EDIDs so I can replicate the Zidoo behaviour for your setup?

    1. With the Zidoo connected via the soundbar (I assume that's what you normally do)

    2. With the Zidoo connected directly to the TV

    To Download EDID
    Settings/Display/Custom EDID/Save EDID
    Change the file extension from .bin to .txt to post on forum
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    I'm certainly confused about why it doesn't seem to be working.
    My soundbar has no HDMI inputs, so I assume I can skip this EDID. (FWIW [which is probably nothing] I feed the soundbar audio via Toslink, usually directly, but sometimes via the TV.)
    I've tried saving the .bin file multiple places, then manually changing it's file extension to .txt, but it doesn't seem like what I get is what we were hoping to see. Here's how it looks pasted here:
     ÿÿÿÿÿÿ mÈÀ€ Zx
    î‘£TL™&PT¡ 1@E@a@q@€ÑÀè 0òpZ€°XŠ @„c  o    UP0 5 @„c     ý xÿw
             ü LG TV SSCR2
     edñ^a`vufeÛÚ !"]^_bcd?@,    WPWgn A ¸<, €jØ]Äx€[(xâ ÏãÀ ã
    âÿëFÐ Hv‚^m•                           ù
    Here's an image of how it looks in WordPad and NotePad:

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