PSA: RT1295/1296 End of the Line for HT 4 modified apk

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    Current Status:
    Unless Zidoo considers a HT 4.1.x apk for the RT1295/RT1296 you will need to remain on on HT 4.0.99. This is the last version that has been made available that supports reading tags in the file names.

    Everything after this version does not even acknowledge mediainfo. The apk does not have the switches to toggle it either way on an RT1295/1296 soc under settings in HT 4.0.

    I found this out the hard way, No tag recognition and no mediainfo functionality for scanning into library on the frontend.

    I cannot complain the platform is 6-7 years old at this point, but there is not likely a technical reason why they could not since mediainfo is already present and generates metadata after playback for a few seconds.

    While it was great to have unofficial HT 4.x builds, it was never an official offering. I am thankful to for generating the apks, but at this point, its either upgrade or stay on 4.0.99.

    The Good and the Ugly:
    The good news is trailers, RT, and IMDB all still work fine on that version. The bad news from a remote support standpoint, Remote admin is broken in android 9 with all the security nags. Nothing works but ADB debug scncpy or similar control, I have tried teamviewer, anyesk etc. I need full control outside of my LAN for friends / family to do housekeeping on their zidoo boxes. The zidoo webserver apps leave a lot to be desired for this clearly as they are not designed for that at all.

    Devs could decide to fix this and release HT 4.0 for the RT1295/1296 , but a lot has changed in the world and perhaps the project was killed or delayed indefinitely due to resources. Never say never , the developers at Zidoo are some of the best there is, and they have tackled some big asks for their users that have supported them over the years.
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    Getting somewhere: The new feature requires a system library what is part of the version 6.3.40 firmware for Z9X, Z10 Pro, Z1000 Pro and UHD3000. (mcbluna forums)

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