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Discussion in 'ZIDOO H6 Pro' started by denir70, Oct 30, 2017.

  1. denir70

    denir70 New Member

    When enabling audio pass-through in settings (release SW v. 1.0.11), the raw audio is not sent to the A/V receiver. The result is no sound. When disabling pass-through, the same source delivers PCM audio and sound is ok.
    Did you experience the same problem?

  2. denir70

    denir70 New Member

    Is the audio HDMI passthrough working for you?
    To me not, neither if set in Kodi.
  3. warren_wh

    warren_wh Active Member Staff Member Zidoo TECH Supporter


    Check your kodi settings.
  4. denir70

    denir70 New Member

    I checked the settings. It doesn't work anyway. So no sound comes from the AV receiver when the pass-through is enabled and the audio source is multi-channel like DTS or Dolby 5.1.
    When I disable the pass-through, then the sound is received, though only as PCM (2 channels stereo).

    I think this is a bug of this firmware. I have also an X6 pro and in the same conditions (the same video/audio source and the same settings in Kodi) the pass-through is working when enabled and I can hear audio on multi-channels (DTS, Dolby 5.1).

    Hoping that the Zidoo support can fix this problem somehow.

  5. Vladimir Todorovic

    Vladimir Todorovic New Member

    For me is working just fine, i use SPDIF to connect with my AVR Yamaha RX A830
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  6. denir70

    denir70 New Member

    So SPDIF seems working, but in my case it is HDMI pass-through that does not work.
    Is anyone successful in having the HDMI pass-through working?
    Sorry if I insist.

  7. jmtomi

    jmtomi New Member


    I have the same sometimes, my observation is that when I put the box to suspend and turn off the AV receiver and TV then somehow TV box losts its connection the HDMI audio output or something like that and the audio output device is changed to the second or third one in the list (codec or whatever). So after it comes back from sleep audio output must be changed to HDMI and then KODI works fine.

  8. Chillout

    Chillout New Member

    Hello all,

    I'm getting quite frustrated with this device.
    I had an old WD TV and it worked just fine with video and audio.

    The zidoo is connected with the tv with an HDMI cable, the TV to the home theater by an optic cable.
    I tried everything, but i can't get the correct audio signal. Tried DD, DTS and Ac3 movies, enabled, disabled the passthrough but non is working.
    Or i get just a stereo signal, or just surround sounds while the voice is almost not hearable (sorry for my bad english).

    And if this is not enough, full HD movies seems not to play smooth, they have microlags (or loss of frames) continuously on dynamic scenes and the audio (when i manage to get it to work) is out of sync.

    Probably it is me who can't manage it to work, but as i told before, with the WD TV i never had any kind of issues like these.

    I'm considering to send the box back but maybe somebody can convince me to try again or give me a better solution.


    P.S. I just tried to connect the optical cable directly and it works. But no way to get it to work through hdmi. Tried again different settings, restarted the device several times, but now i don't even manage to get some sound (DTS source), just a horrible constant noise.
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  9. rorocorti

    rorocorti New Member


    I had sound problem several times, for me it was solved by going to box menu option (not android but interface option), i don't know why but sometimes the box automatically switched to CVBS (Chroma Video Blanking Synchro).

    After setting again hdmi sound [​IMG] worked fine, DTS, DTS-HD...

  10. Chillout

    Chillout New Member

    Thanks for the reply rorocorti,
    i tried that one too before, but i don't even get audio signal or just some noise.
    Haven't managed to get it to work. At the moment I'm continuously unplugging the optical from tv and plug it into the zidoo and back again, but since i have a 65'' TV, this is quite annoying.
    I think that the HDMI passthrough should be analized a lot better in future firmware updates.
  11. denir70

    denir70 New Member

    I have solved the pass-through by using SPDIF optical connection. In my opinion HDMI pass-through is not working and it should require fixing in a next release.
    Hoping to be proven wrong by other opinions or experiences.

  12. ShortHand

    ShortHand New Member

    Same issue. The HDMI passthrough for audio was working for maybe a day then BAM goes back to only passing 2.0 signal to the receiver. My big issue is SPDIF can only do 5.1. NOT 7.1. The lack of firmware updates after maybe 4 months = I will NEVER buy a Chinese branded Android box ever again. I'll stick to a Shield or Firestick/Box. The extra 80 bucks I could have spent on a shield would have saved me a TON of headaches.

    IF ANYONE AT Zidoo is listening PLEASE PLEASE support these products better! The H6 is ridiculously fast but gimped by poor support/firmware. (WiFi signal strength as well).

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