please help - Google play services keeps stopping

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  1. dferregu

    dferregu Member

    Dear friend please help.
    I have Z9X

    Firmaware Z9X_P_v6.3.66_G_202112211834_ota-package

    Since today i have this message in the screen. This message apears every 2 minutes it is very anoying..

    please help
    what can i do ?

    best regards
  2. bob

    bob Active Member Zidoo TECH Supporter

    I tested it and it works fine. You can try a factory reset
  3. dferregu

    dferregu Member

    Logically a factory reset allways works fine.

    It is a stupid solution and a disrepect on digital users because you do not respect the time used on personalize apps configuration etc...

    Please, all, do not replay factory reset as all solutions on the first step.

    Best regards
  4. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    What we need is a good backup/restore for settings and selective APP's/data restore like found on smartphones.
  5. dferregu

    dferregu Member

    After 1 month. today again the message. if I close the message pop up again in 1 minute. i can not use Z9X because all time i have this message on screen
    Google play services keeps stopping

  6. Johnwoto

    Johnwoto Active Member

    Try this - I used the non G firmware then uninstalled the app - haven’t had a problem since I did that
  7. dferregu

    dferregu Member

    Deaar @Johnwoto thank you very much for your help. I will do it.
    Best regards
  8. Joe Lee

    Joe Lee New Member

    I got the same problem amd is my first time using the Zidoo. May i know what a non G firmware?
  9. rozel

    rozel Well-Known Member

    Each Zidoo model has two firmwares available, when they are released. The "_G" version ( _G appears at the end of the file name you download) and a non _G version. The _G version allows you to install Google Play Store, should you wish to install other Android Programs, as you would if using your Android phone. The process of installing Google Play Store is a bit fiddly and if the instructions are not followed precisely, you will end up with issues such as yours possibly. There have been a number of members having this error message popup constantly and I bet the instructions to install Play Store haven't been followed exactly. Search the forum for the instructions and if you feel you need to install a non _G firmware over your _G firmware, then I'll let others chip in here as I am unsure if this can be done. Ultimately you may have to factory restore followed by a firmware install of your choice.

    If previous firmwares are difficult to find on here, then you'll find what you need here: - and scrolling to your model

    Hope this helps
  10. dferregu

    dferregu Member

    After update with the new firmware Zidoo Z9X beta firmware v6.3.92 I sitll have the Google play services keeps stopping message every 2 minutes on screen so my Z9X it is useless.

    ¿Am I the only one?


    best regards friends
  11. gollygosh

    gollygosh Member

    I had the same issue, fixed it by doing this:-
    1. go to setup on the main menu
    2. then go to other settings
    3. then scroll down to About and then open Advanced Settings
    4. then click on Apps & Notifications
    5 click on - See all (N) apps
    6 click on Google Play Store and click on Force Stop
    There might be some other setting I changed, but I did get rid of the issue by playing around in the Apps & Notifications section.
  12. JWG9581

    JWG9581 New Member

    It is play protect that likley is it cause. Find away to turn off the play project scan and things will be back to where it should.

    It took me deleating chrome and playstore to realize that after I did so. Things were working fine. I could use the debrid cloud in the syncler app. I could download using myADM app. It was like it was supposed to be.

    But I needed play store because I had apps purchased. So it had to do with their security. What they deem bad apps they make them not work properly. But how? Play protect scan. Was the only thing I took for granted.

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