Player Led Dolby Vision (LLDV) vs TV Led Dolby Vision

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  1. So I have been watching various YouTube comparisons in picture quality concerning the difference between the two as stated in the title.

    I have not found any comparison showing that LLDV offers the same picture quality as TV Led Dolby Vision.

    So why does Zidoo recommend to use the LLDV setting?
  2. Markswift2003

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    As far as I'm aware, it doesn't.
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  3. What does you mean exactly with your mean Zidoo does not recommend using LLDV or do you mean there is no difference between the two?
  4. DrGiggles

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    The Realtek TV-Led mode is fake. It processes the picture based on the RPU, just as if it were sent out in LLDV mode, which is what the TV should do.
  5. TV Led should mean no processing by the player itself but just a 1 on 1 passthrough of the video information.

    As I have understood it...LLDV means the video information is processed through the Dolby Vision VS10 engine.
  6. DrGiggles

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    Yes, but unfortunately the Realtek always processing the signal (and the Amlogic too).
  7. Markswift2003

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    It means they neither recommend nor advise against LLDV. It is what it is.
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  8. TheRedDevil7

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    Hello everybody,
    Which one is recommended with a OLED LG C1 ? LLDV or TV LED ?
  9. I suggest you watch some comparison video's on YouTube...then when you know where to look for test the difference....if noticeable for you between the two settings
  10. DrGiggles

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    TV-Led would be the right setting, but since Realtek handles this mode incorrectly, choose LLDV instead.
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  12. blenky

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    I've had a Z9X and a now have a Z9X Pro. I've also had an LG CX and now have a LG C2. Always used TV led. DV always looks great to me via the Zidoo.
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  13. TheRedDevil7

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    Thanks Everybody !
  14. DrGiggles

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    Bad choice because the RPU will be processed twice.
  15. Aleksander.1

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    Thanks for the info, mind me asking will this be fixed in the future with software updates?
  16. Sunset1982

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    is there any further information about this? Source?
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  18. Sunset1982

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    ok, thank you very much!
  19. limitz

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    I have set the DV settings to "Output DV" using the VS10 engine on HDR and SDR content. It is set to LLDV in Zidoo settings.

    I noticed when I play a DV remux in ZidooPlexMod, the video output shows as "TV Led". Any reason for this?

    I have a DV enabled LG G2 panel. Just trying to figure out which my settings should be. Whether "Auto" and LLDV vs "Output DV" and LLDV vs other options with TV led.
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