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Discussion in 'ZIDOO X6 Pro' started by spring, Jan 30, 2016.

  1. soulfire

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    still nothing. @spring any update ?
  2. dlanor123

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    I think it needs to be stated (so the devs can fix it) that the 'One Key Root' tool has two serious problems.

    One is a problem of implementation, as the SuperSU binary is installed in a faulty way, so that the "su" binary is impossible to update by normal means.
    This is probably a result of how the original rooted system was made, leaving an unchangeable "su" remnant even after update to unrooted system version.
    (This can be fixed by user, but that is NOT a simple process. It should have been done correctly by the app to begin with.)

    The second problem is a fundamental omission: Since root state prevents OTA updates, the tool MUST have an unrooting command as well as a rooting command. That would allow the tool to be used to unroot the system before each update, and then reroot it again after the update is completed.
    (Similar methods work fine on other Android systems, so it should be possible for Zidoo as well.)

    Now here's what I did for the SuperSU install workaround:

    After several failed attempts to make the original SuperSU update its 'su' binary, I gave up on that and instead attempted to reinstall SuperSU from google play, including the SuperSU Pro upgrade, but all those attempts also failed. So I decided to try another superuser program from google play, and as my first step in doing so I used the SuperSU app command to clean up after SuperSU for such new installation. After this cleanup I checked to see if an install of SuperSU from google play would now work, but it did not, so instead I installed another such app simply named "Superuser", after disabling the old SuperSU. That "Superuser" program was not a good choice though, as it could only install its 'su' binary through a recovery boot, which also failed to work. So naturally I then uninstalled this app as well. But apparently this uninstall after attempted 'su' installation somehow cleaned out some remnant of the old SuperSU, because after doing this I was able to install SuperSU normally from google play, and also its Pro upgrade. The 'su' binary was updated without problems in this instance of SuperSU, and since it was installed as a normal user app, there will be no problem with future updates.
    NB: I'm not sure how much it matters, but I rebooted several times in the above process too, especially after each attempt to replace/remove SuperSU or the 'su' binary.

    The crucial command to clean up after SuperSU is found in the "Settings" submenu of the app, as a command named "Reinstall" in a section titled "Cleanup".

    I hope this helps some others use their rooted system properly.
    But a fix is also needed for the second problem, which currently makes it impossible for us with rooted systems to use the new OTA upgrade 1.0.33

    Best regards: dlanor123
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  3. PacoRabanne

    PacoRabanne Well-Known Member Beta test group

  4. dlanor123

    dlanor123 New Member

    Thanks for the info! I will follow your advice in that other thread and try the current 1.0.33 upgrade.

    But I still think this issue needs to be adressed by the Zidoo devs, so that they add an 'unroot' command to the tool.
    This will probably be needed for some future upgrades that dig deeper into the system than the current one does.

    Best regards: dlanor123
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  5. I fully agree with you. This is something fundamental that Zidoo has to implement and not shy away from. There's no denying Zidoo's is a faulty procedure.
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  6. cyber7

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    Thank you for the workaround! I had a simmilar problem, but due to time restraints decided to go directly to the 1.0.33 iso release, which removed root completely.

    I agree totally, it is very important to get the ONE-KEY-ROOT-TOOL to have an option to "unroot" the system. This will make for a far better environment when a "clean" system is needed after testing...
  7. cyber7

    cyber7 Active Member Beta test group

    ps - It will be better to have a single tool to root/unroot than to have multible releases of the same release...
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  8. grummel2005

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  9. PacoRabanne

    PacoRabanne Well-Known Member Beta test group

    In theory, SuperSU is able to "unroot" any rooted device where is installed. I don't know if the free version (the one installed by One Key Root) has this capability, the Pro version state so.
    This is a procedure found in internet:
    1. Navigate to your SuperSU app and open it up
    2. Navigate to the Settings tab from the 3 tabs you see at the navigation bar of the SuperSU app
    3. Scroll down and find the Full Unroot (Cleanup for permanent Unroot)
    4. Click the option, and the process of full system Unrooting should begin
    5. After reboot, download Root Checker for free from the Google Play Store
    6. Open up the App, and confirm that your system no longer has Root Access
    I can't confirm if this procedure really unroot an X6.

    In any case, some users assert that X6, even unrooted, is seen by some apps as rooted, and then these apps refuses to run.
    Even in this case I can't confirm, because I want and keep my X6 rooted, and no one of may apps request an unrooted device.

    Maybe that Zidoo should create a true unroot app to fulfill this plausible equirement of a significant number of Zidoo clients.
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  10. bovirus

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    Could you please update first post with new version 1.0.10 of this tool?
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  11. soulfire

    soulfire New Member

    where do you see this released ?
  12. bovirus

    bovirus Member Beta test group

    Please read frst post

    this apk can be run in X6 and X5 (use the new version V1.0.10).
  13. soulfire

    soulfire New Member

    where is the link for v1.0.10 ?
  14. bovirus

    bovirus Member Beta test group

    I red the info about version 1.0.10 but the link pointed to old version.
    Due made the request to update link in first to download latest version.
    In X5 forum section there isn't any info about 1.0.10 program download.
  15. siantic

    siantic New Member

    Hi, i think that the version V1.0.10 is referred to the X5 fimware version and not to the One Key Root version.
  16. siantic

    siantic New Member

    Hi spring, thanks for your work!;)

    If i root the system by the One Key Root v1.0.6 and the OTA online doesn't work, is it possible to upgrade by the Local update function?
  17. Joescarbrough

    Joescarbrough New Member

    I have a question... Why would I want to root my X6 Pro? I root my phone because the carrier fills it with junk that can't be disabled. I rooted my tablet so I could install apps not allowed, but why this box? It doesn't have bloat software, they give a ton of access, and I just can't seem to find an advantage. Can someone give a word or two, since it disables ota updates. That's a big disadvantage in my book. Doing updates myself is no big deal, but again I must be missing something.
  18. PacoRabanne

    PacoRabanne Well-Known Member Beta test group

    My X6 was and is rooted from the beginning, and latest update (OTA. from 1.0.32 rooted to 1.0.33) was perfectly succesful, and root access was maintained.

    Nothing final, waiting Zidoo for any confirmation...
  19. siantic

    siantic New Member

    Hi, i need to root my X6 because i want to install on it mame4droid and to play by a bluetooth joypad i need to root to install the Sixasis Controller app
  20. PacoRabanne

    PacoRabanne Well-Known Member Beta test group

    Read the FAQ

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