NFS Bug with Synology USBshares

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X8' started by Justifier, Sep 6, 2017.

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    There appears to be a NFS Bug with Synology USBshares. I have three external USB drives formatted to ext4 with my Synology 1512+ and NFS is setup correctly and working with my Rasberry PI2 but there is a problem with the Zidoo x8 and probably the other models too. Basically it will work if you only have one USB drive to access on the Synology but if you have more than one, as I do, then the Zidoo explorer and ZDMC will only access one at a time. The explorer screen will show USBshare for 3 drives but when you click on them it shows the same directory structure for each one which represents only 'one' of the drives.

    I was able to add the drives independently in Kodi and ZDMC and it adds the thumbnails and fanart etc but when you go to access them it can't and the videos on two of the drives do not play. Only the videos from one USB drive will ever be accessible. A reboot of both devices sees sometimes the one drive being accesses being different but it is never able to access more than one drive to play videos even though it has all the videos listed correctly.

    I know my NFS is setup correctly on the NAS and the permissions/sharing has been done correctly. As I said the RP2 has no problems and the Zidoo works but only with one drive on the Synology at a time. My guess is there is a bug with the Zidoo in relation to UID NFS management or something.

    PS. Of course I can get SMB to work but I am finding that NFS (as it has less overheads) helps to play my 3D MVC MKV files more smoothly.

    Please help/fix.

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    Hi, did you find a Solution?
    I have the same Problem :(

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