New Pioneer BDR-XD07 connects to Android

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    May have some use for our Android Boxes ?

    New Pioneer BDR-XD07 External Blu-ray BurnersConnect Directly to Android Smartphones

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Pioneer has released a series of external Blu-ray disc burners in Japan, featuring a USB-C cable to connect to Android devices and easily transfer their audio CD libraries.

    Available in Japan next month, the BDR-XD07J-UHD, BDR-XD07BK, BDR-XD07R and BDR-XD07 W models are bundled with a USB Type-C cable to connect to Android devices. With Pioneer's 'Stellanova' Wireless Hi-Res player app installed to an Android smartphone, Japanese users can dirtectly import and playback audio CDs, without using a PC. However, this kind of conection requires an external power supply for the BD drives (DCA-003 AC adapter), which is sold seperately.



    The external drives are available in black, red, and white colors. They have a slim, clamshell design, and support playback of Ultra HD Blu-ray discs, besides the typical CD/DVD/BD burning features: 6x for BD-R /-R DL / -R (LTH)/ M-DISC DL, 8x with DVD-R/ +R / -RW /+RW, and 24x for CD-R/RW.


    Recording support BD BD-R (Single / Dual / Triple / Quadruple layer),
    BD-RE (Single / Dual / Triple layer),
    BD-R (LTH), M-DISC (Single / Dual / Triple layer)
    DVD DVD - R, DVD - R, DVD - R DL, DVD - RW, DVD + R, DVD + R DL, DVD + RW, Highspeed DVD + RW, DVD - RAM , M - DISC
    Playing support BD Ultra HD Blu-ray (BD-ROM Dual / Triple layer)
    BD-R (Single / Dual Layer), BD-R (Single / Dual / Triple / Quadruple Layer), BD-RE (Single / Dual / Triple Layer), BD-
    M-DISC (Single / Dual / Triple layer)
    DVD DVD + RW, DVD + R DL, DVD + RW, DVD-RAM , M-DISC (Single / Dual layer), DVD-Video, DVD-R, DVD-R DL, DVD-
    CD CD-ROM (Mode 1 & 2), CD-ROM XA, CD-R, CD-RW, Photo CD (Single / Multi-session), Video CD, CD-DA, CD-
    Interface USB 3.0 / 2.0
    Write speed BD -R 2x, 4x, 6x
    -R DL 2x, 4x, 6x
    -R TL 2x, 4x
    -R QL 2x, 4x
    -R (LTH) 2x, 4x, 6x
    -RE 2x
    -RE DL 2x
    -RE TL 2x
    M-DISC SL / TL 2x, 4x
    M-DISC DL 2x, 4x, 6x
    DVD -R 1 x, 2 x, 4 x, 6 x, 8 x
    -R DL 2x, 4x, 6x
    -RW 1 x, 2 x, 4 x, 6 x
    + R 2.4x, 4x, 6x, 8x
    + R DL 2.4x, 4x, 6x
    + RW 2.4x, 4x, 6x, 8x
    -RAM 2x, 3x, 5x
    M-DISC 2x, 4x
    CD -R 4x, 10x, 16x, 24x
    -RW 4x, 10x, 16x, 24x
    Read speed BD-ROM (1 layer) 6 x Max
    BD-ROM (2 layers) 6 x Max
    M-DISC BD 6 x Max
    DVD-ROM (1 layer) 8 x Max
    DVD-ROM (2 layers) 8 x Max
    M-DISC DVD 8 x Max
    CD-ROM 24 x Max
    Buffer memory 4 MB
    Installation Landscape
    Dimensions 133 mm x 14.8 mm x 133 mm (W x H x D)
    Weight 230 g
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  2. Ballgor

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    Hope that it would work so that I won't need to buy a disc player then.
  3. Nice Monkey

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    Does it include an Android APP to play original licensed UHD BD's?
    I only see PowerDVD14 which is for Windows (Japanese only?).

    But OK if it plays copied UHD's then it would already be very nice.

    DCA-003 is a very common plug type PSU:
    - Input: AC100-240V 50-60Hz 0.48Amax
    - Output: 5V 3Amax
    This is far more than most USB3c will do.
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  4. dkychn

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    Dear Nice Monkey,

    Do you know what kind of adapter for DCA-003? As I would like to buy LPS for the ROM but I tried to connect power card with 2.5 but does not fit..

    Many Thanks,
  5. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    It is the same adapter and plug as used for a X9S, X10, Z9S or Z10. The inner pin may be 2.1mm or 2.5mm, adapters exist for that.
  6. dkychn

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    Finally I found... It using 1.35mm.... Many Thanks;)
  7. Davicom

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    Someone does It tested with success on android? Does model BDR-XD07J-UHD also write UHD bluray?

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