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Discussion in 'NEWS&Activities' started by OlivierQC, May 2, 2020.

  1. OlivierQC

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    The new version of HT is in Beta version, Mirror on the zidoo forum has announced availability in about 2 months


    Zidoo opens a public beta for 500 people. you can register now, unless this is reserved for Asian countries.

    See you

    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    Where is the link or sign up ?
  3. OlivierQC

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    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

  5. OlivierQC

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    yes with google translate
  6. leonkoum

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    Member here...
    Bravo zidoo team for the hard work!!!
  7. I have X10 & X20, I tried HT3 on the last one. My first impression from HT3 are very good, the Zidoo team goes in the right direction. My movies are on several HD & in a short time after updating from Home Theatre v2.9.28 all the information was downloaded about all disks. The new menu is good idea, I like the new icons section, but in first section - “watching” (very good decision by the way) the movie I just saw at first is there again, because naturally I don’t want to see the final text - who plays, who is cameraman etc. Must have option to mark as full watched to make disappear from this section, because now the option mark as watched don’t make to disappear from watching section. It’s very good idea to have the section for what kind of movie is, but I noticed that sometimes this information is incomplete (certainly because of initial movie matching) I suppose that will be nice if there is a short way to add a movie to the different section, not from the editing menu from the browser. One last proposal – having a several disks sometimes I don’t know exactly where is a specific movie until I put the wright disk on the player. If there is a way to show all the information about all the library, not only the loaded disk, it will be nice. That will be very helpful & in the section of “Mouvies & TV shows” for the actors, to see all the movies for the actor in the library, not only the loaded on the current disk.

    Thank you Zidoo.
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  9. Markswift2003

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    The main difference is a new launcher screen which has recently added movies, currently watching movies, genres, recommendations and an editable category list.

    This screen can be turned off in settings, so then HT3 behaves the same as HT2.

    There are a few cosmetic issues here and there, but nothing serious - looks good ;)


    Home Screen 1.png

    Home Screen 2.png

    Category Edit.png
  10. OlivierQC

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    I received HT 3.0 on my X20 pro this morning, Thanks Zidoo Team.

    There is a lot of similarity with the infuse Pro GUI, for information i use Infuse pro on my ATV 4K and I really like it, it's a good idea from Zidoo to be inspired by Infuse GUI.

    This new GUI displays the movies we started watching, the latest movies added, the interface is customizable, this is a big improvement compared to the HT 2.0 GUI

    Good job Zidoo Team


    See you​
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    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    Very dissapointed not to receive the H.T.v3 update !!!
  12. Miguel Ramos

    Miguel Ramos Member

    Agree with you! But probably is still in test before they put it available to everyone... Anyway I would like to test it! :)
  13. Davicom

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    It would be necessary to coincide with the HT3 arrival that zidoo fixes on RTD1295 bug on SMBv2+ if they are want all us to enjoy It and allow us to permanently abandon poor zdmc
  14. Markswift2003

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    Have you not got it yet?? It should have been pushed to your box?

    Check your MAC address and PM me again...
  15. leonkoum

    leonkoum Active Member Beta test group

    Its now v3.0.10
    Its beautiful, practical but...
    I didnt like it.
    I prefer HT2, its more simple.
    But i have to play more with HT3 and give it time, its new.

    Thanks zidoo team for hard work
  16. OlivierQC

    OlivierQC Well-Known Member

    did you submit and received a message from zidoo ?

    otherwise ask zidoo if they can send it to you, you've been talking about their product on the forums for a while and they can make an effort for you

    do you work for zidoo to be able to send a version of HT 3.0 to someone?

    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    pm you

    thinking it waybe confusing a number zero for letter O at beginning of Mac address ?

    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    Hopefully its on its way OliverQC .
  19. Markswift2003

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    No, just helping out...
  20. Markswift2003

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    Exactly that - my bad for not noticing! MAC addresses are hex bytes.

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