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Discussion in 'ZIDOO H6 Pro' started by leonkoum, Jan 31, 2018.

  1. leonkoum

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  2. wooolf

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    I wrote to the zidoo sales team via Amazon again today (last time I did the seller told me he transferred the mail to the big boss this time, instead of the tech team as usual, he promised me a reply within a week, and that was 2 days before freeroc reappeared... coincidence?)

    my message:

    Nothing happened on the forum yet.

    Please tel your boss that we at least deserve to be informed on:
    - what issues the technicians are working on; give us a list of priorities, and difficulties, what issues should be easily solved fast?
    - an update on where they are now and approximatly how long they expect it should take?

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  3. sfanetti

    sfanetti Member Beta test group

    Ok, tell us if you have a reply from Zidoo. Thanks
  4. sfanetti

    sfanetti Member Beta test group

    The new firmware in vers. beta is come!! TRY
  5. Marco Aimone

    Marco Aimone Member

  6. only beta test funboys get it marco
  7. Marco Aimone

    Marco Aimone Member

    Thanks, got it !
    So, sfanetti, first impression ? Did they do a good job ?
  8. sfanetti

    sfanetti Member Beta test group

    Non so ancora perchè sono fuori casa, ma appena provo ti dico. Dal changelog vedo che manca qualcosa di fondamentale per me (piena compatibilità con KODI e internal player). Staremo a vedere.
  9. ivo123

    ivo123 New Member

    @Martin , i know what you mean and because of that i return it back to shop and buy X9S that i know for sure that the Picture and audio settings are flawless and also on KODI forum like they say is the one of the best
  10. Alchimist

    Alchimist New Member

    hai visto se per caso hanno migliorato la compatibilità con netflix?
  11. sfanetti

    sfanetti Member Beta test group

    Non ho ancora visto, ti dirò appena possibile. Siamo tanti italiani su questo forum..
  12. Marco Aimone

    Marco Aimone Member

    Even if there's a lot of Italians and our English is pretty poor, we should must be polite and try to write in that language
  13. stefbru

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    hi, I have compatibility problems with a logitech k400 plus keyboard.
    writing there are serious delay problems and the mouse pointer has a strong flicker.
    I tried to change usb port but nothing.
  14. so it looks like the product is not dead then if new beta firmware is coming
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  15. sfanetti

    sfanetti Member Beta test group


    A very quick view on new firmware 1.0.25
    Internal player SEEMS to be perfect (seems......)...after 3/4 ON/OFF on the tv box, the autoframe rate is not ok, video jerky and not fluent, not smooth (like the previous firmware v.1.0.20).
    Kodi has the same problem as the previous update. Video jerky, not smooth. I have shuttering and frames drop very often (mediacodec ON or OFF is the same). There's an erratic mediacodec behaviour (the same like previous version firmware).
    Player now is quick and snappy but it's a not necessary.
    PLease soon YOU (zidoo) have to update with another realease. This one is THE WORST I've seen.
    Please soon!!
  16. wooolf

    wooolf Active Member

    reply from Zidoo :

    Sorry here is the update of the new firmware:

    H6pro 1.0.25 updatelist

    1,Optimize DDR performance
    2,Improve the fluency of playing high bit rate videos in kodi
    3,Speed up logo displaying
    4,Speed up system starting
    5,Optimize the power consumption and temperature
    6,Improve compatibility of HDMI 2.0
    7,Improve fluency of playing 4k videos
    8,Optimize buffer strategy for online stream
    9,Fix voice interruption in stream sometimes
    10,Fix blue screen when playing certain videos in kodi
    11,Fix google playstore unnecessary updates

    I will try it next weekend
    Shall we valid or invalid each number here? like for exemple: 1, : ok (or not ok) 2, :..... ?
  17. fabry1961

    fabry1961 New Member

    I would like to know if it is possible to downgrade from firmware 1.0.20 to firmware 1.0.13. Thank you.
  18. wooolf

    wooolf Active Member

  19. leonkoum

    leonkoum Active Member Beta test group

    Just don’t forget to press the reset button (inside the A/V jack)
  20. Marco Aimone

    Marco Aimone Member

    leonkoum, I see you're "beta tester", what is your first impression about version 1.0.25 ?
    Are you confirm what already said from sfanetti ?

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