New firmware v2.1.30 version for ZIDOO Z10 released

Discussion in 'ZIDOO Z10' started by mirror, Jan 10, 2019.

  1. mirror

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    Change logs:
    1.Optimize 4K60 color space display
    2.Optimize the system stability.
    Local Media Player
    1.Added audio list information display
    2.Added the bit rate display
    3.Added file size display
    4.Fixed ASS subtitle hint coding error
    5.Added the number key 0 to display selet play time menu
    6.Fixed the problem of incorrect sorting of video list by file manager
    7.Added Multiple BDMV videos add list play

    music player
    1. When the play queue is a single CUE, the default expansion list
    2. Play the CUE file to add the arrow hit
    3. Optimize the playlist focus display
    4. Optimize the playback add information display

    1.Fixed the problem that recording cannot be saved to a USB external device

    1. Fixed the child lock function, not save staues when reboot box
    2. Fixed the problem of manually matching not search the movie

    Power off
    1. Press the power button to power off the default

    Quick setting
    1. Optimize the color setting display
    2. Optimize the UI display

    Download url:
    md5: CED97414947EEF2031E53B54C2FE9261
    Upgrade method:OTA

    If you have installed google play kit, please reinstall it after upgrade.

    How to upgrade
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    DELUCAS Active Member

    Thanks Mirror and Zidoo Team as well .
  3. Miguel Ramos

    Miguel Ramos Member

    Thanks a lot for keeping improving this player!
  4. websurfing8096

    websurfing8096 New Member

    Good job and thanks for the update.
    Keep working to make this player perfect!
  5. Weigo42195

    Weigo42195 New Member

    I have 2 4K devices, one LG 4K and one jmgo U1 projector. After updating 2.1.30, I can't output 4K60 on my both devices. Therefore I must downscale to 4K3o,
    Please fix it.
  6. videobruce

    videobruce Member

    Interesting, this wasn't labeled a "beta". :confused:
  7. fydo

    fydo New Member

    Someone knows me why when I enter NFS to my folder of the Nas I get the error of The browser application has stopped working?

    You also know why you do not play the menus of the bluerays. ISO?

    Thank you!
  8. winnera

    winnera New Member

    Hello Zidoo,
    I have been using Z10 and I would like to propose to make some improvements (just for convienence, but it is the most important) in next firmware:
    1. enter darker shades of gray for subtitles !! Now, they are too bright when you watch films in a dark room on an OLED 77 4K UHD,
    2. wake up for defined smb server with fixed IP, Sony Tv's have this!
    3. in standby mode - acces to the internal HDD (it could be wake up over IP) and the clock could be on.
    Thank you in advance.
  9. winnera

    winnera New Member

    and one more thing, please improve the identification of subtitles for Poland (PL) because they are marked as Portuguese instead of Polish
  10. Guy_av

    Guy_av New Member

    No netflix yet :(:(:(

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