New firmware v2.1.30 version for ZIDOO X20 released

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X20' started by mirror, Jan 10, 2019.

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    hey thanks for the info sussexmat, i will give that a go, but i don't think it will be that, as i always buy good quality cable for all my HiFi gear. i know handshake and ARC can be bit of a twat at times, i just think its that the x20 cant detect the amp and tv as they are off so it reduces the resolution down to 1080p, but i hope your right! as its quite annoying keep having to adjust the resolution, i never had to do this with my Popcorn Hour A500. You can see it stays at 1080p on the front display of the x20 and doesn't change to 4k.
    i will let you know how it goes
  2. Johnwoto

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    Just tried that HDMI that comes with the x20 as I suspected it’s just the same
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    I always turn on the AV receiver and change the TV input before I turn on the X20.

    No problem at all.
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