New firmware v2.1.19 beta version for ZIDOO X9S

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X9S' started by spawn_lmg, Dec 15, 2018.

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  1. tosh123

    tosh123 Member

    I assume they will develop a release version for the Z9S - and if this is ready they compile that for the X9S
  2. Ekul

    Ekul Active Member

    Keep on dreaming.

    Stuttering was, is, and will be there forever.
  3. Vinny4K

    Vinny4K Member

    From the Zappity forum:

    This is Zappiti's latest comment on the stutter issue:

    The bug of shuttering in 23.976 Hz comes from realtek SDK. We cannot solve it by ourself. But there is this bug only on AVC High@4.0 and VC-1 codecs versions. No issue on AVC High@4.1 or other versions.

    Previously they had said everything works fine on the Zappiti and suggested it was settings or maybe the cable. At least they admit their is an issue now.

    So Zappity also has the stutters!
  4. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Active Member

    They are talking about Web-Dl files strong stutter. Realtek has some problems with those files. Even latest Z9S with new chip RTD 1296 does not play them correctly at 23.976 fps. It forces 60 Hz and it is unconfirmed at this point if stutter is completely eliminated.

    They don't admit micro stutter issue with all files coming from clock rate higher than 23.976.
  5. Ekul

    Ekul Active Member

    We all have to face the truth, we got lied to and scammed by zidoo and their bad players.
    Now all we can do is go to all social media and warn future buyers to stay away from this company.
  6. godalmighty

    godalmighty Active Member

    yes only web-dl h264 that still show stuttering even in RTD1296
    coz i`ve already tried it in X20pro a few time ago
    and lucky me i dont download this kind format
    so for me X9S still a good player worth to buy if you are like me :p
  7. Vinny4K

    Vinny4K Member

    Thnx for the feedback about the "new" 1296 devices that still have the stutter issue.
    I skip that one too then.
  8. DaMacFunkin

    DaMacFunkin Member

    I agree, my files are either 4k blu ray remuxes or blu rays ripped and encoded to hevc and for the last 2 firmware I have barely noticed the 23.97 timing bug I used to see it every couple of minutes, very good player that has had over 2 years support.
  9. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Active Member

    The new Z9S player with 1296 chip does not exhibit micro stutter for all movie like X9S does and has minor issues with Web-Dl files playing them at 60fps using auto switching. There is information regarding new Z9S and Web-Dl files here. Zombie10k made tests and reported no stutter on Web-Dl files. Player can also be forced into 23.976 output without notable stutter link here.

    It would be great if someone who actually uses Web-Dl files on occasion confirms findings on Z9S player. Guys at AVS are into 4K PJ's and full 4K rips. They don't want to be bothered with small Web-Dl's ;)

    @godalmighty was testing the same chip with early version of firmware. Maybe original Web-Dl issue was fixed in recent releases.
  10. godalmighty

    godalmighty Active Member

    like @3DBuff said
    i dont know about Z series, coz what i tried is X20pro
    and that box is not mine, it borrowed by my friend
    so i cannot try it with the new firmware if it available
  11. Ekul

    Ekul Active Member

    Dont bother...once scammed by this brand , we will not fall for it twice.
    Zidoo might think we are all stupide donkeys, but we are not.
  12. Techead

    Techead Member

    For the most part I am quite happy with the X9s and X10 I have, a few issues here and there but for the most part it plays everthing fine for me.

    What I am concerned about and is having a piss pore version of their Home Theater 2.0 software. They should release the home theater 2.01 / Music player 2.0 apps as a pkg file not in a firmware update.
  13. tosh123

    tosh123 Member

    My experiences with other manufacturers are much worse - in terms of firmware maintenance Zidoo is almost a hero. The main problem is, in my opinion, that there are no free video drivers for most chips, a LibreELEC on such a box will be enough for me ...
  14. x9suser

    x9suser Member

    I tested one web-dl (3-4gb) h264 mkv movie with dd5.1 sound. Didn't notice any issues.
  15. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Active Member

    Load the file into TsMuxer program and look at frame rate under video stream. If it tells you 23.976, 24, 60 fps or any other value the file will play correct. Only Web-Dl's where TsMuxer reports "Frame Rate: not found" or some other out of range number like 90,000 fps have problem but this is 95% of the Web-Dl files ;) Make sure your player is sent for 23.976 fps to display not 60fps. You still get it with 60fps but somehow muffled and not sequential like on 23.976.

    More info here. Read 3 - 4 posts from the link down.
  16. Franconian

    Franconian Member

    Does it really matter which fps is set in the player settings? I have the automatic framerate switch on, and the player changes the fps according to the video that is played.

    The fps set in the player settings seem to be only for the menu, I don't feel any difference when setting 2160p 24/30/50/60.
  17. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Active Member

    The adjustment in Quick Settings will change menu and movie output if not in auto framerate and resolution.
    Having 24fps output on 60Hz display results in 3-2 pulldown. 3 screen updates with frame A, 2 updates with frame B, 3 with frame C, 2 with D... If the TV has motion processing disabled it will produce somehow uneven frame advancement sort of shimmering in panning scenes. Based on TV panel type it may have slightly different effect. OLED is probably the worse for irregular frame timing since frame to frame transition is instantaneous and zero flicker.

    If the TV is applying motion interpolation you may not see the difference between 24 fps or 24 over 60Hz.
  18. blasiusx

    blasiusx Member

    The firmware is really good, thanks to the developers. But why did you cancel the skipping of files (videos)? That was still in the final 2.0.34.

    If you wanted to jump to the next or previous video during playback, you just had to press the Page Up / Down button shortly twice.

    This is only possible in the 2.1.19, if the video has no chapters. Otherwise, the same thing happens as if you press the chapter key. Basically, you now have the same function for different keys.

    Can you change that again? Many Thanks.
  19. Franconian

    Franconian Member

    So what would you suggest I should use for my LG OLED? With developer options you can enable even 23 fps, but I am not sure which one is more correct for mainly 23.976 fps movies. So 2160p 24 fps would be the best choice?
  20. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Active Member

    I have LG OLED 65E6P and it could be a bit different in your case if you have different model. A lot depends on personal preference of how you perceive motion. There are hundreds or perhaps thousands of forum pages regarding LG OLED motion handling, controls and options.

    I general it is a good practice to keep Zidoo in Auto for refresh rate and resolution.

    On the TV you have following options:
    1. True 23.976 fps cinematic film cadence. You have to disable TM (TrueMotion) and enable RC (Real Cinema). RC has to be "on" selected not stuck on or off greyed out. If RC function is not available to change you don't have true 24 or 23.976 fps signal coming on HDMI port or TM is on.
    2. RC off, TM off - this will force 60Hz display (120Hz on OLED) from 24fps using 3:2 pulldown. Some people prefer this over real film cadence with RC on. It brakes down sequential frame strobing using uneven frame advancement.
    3. Use TM (TrueMotion) to your liking to take some of the judder off the 24 fps strobing motion. DeJudder is for sources 24 and 30 fps. It will interpolate missing frames all the way to 120fps at DJ10. Good values are 3 to 5. Higher number will introduce artifacts and soap opera. DeBur is for video sources 50 and 60 fps. It will also increase frame rate to full 120fps at DB10.

    I have TM on with DJ at 4 or 5 based on the movie. TM goes to high gear "Clear"on my TV for 3D frame packing movies (amazing image quality and realizm).

    If you don't see stutter, don't worry about it ;)
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