New firmware v1.4.16 version for ZIDOO X8 release

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    Model: ZIDOO X8
    1,Add HDR switch.
    2,Update transmission version to 2.92.
    3,Fix the malfunction of DLNA.
    4,Fix the issue that stream get stuck in some streaming video.
    5,Fix the issue that few keys send error in CEC.

    1.Subtitle files are downloaded to save the current directory as the
    video files.
    2.Add the audio offset function.
    3.Fix some srt subtitles display error.
    4.Default turn off "automatic frame rate switch"
    5.Fix some SUP(PGS) subtitles display error.
    6.Add the function to adjust the size and position of the ASS subtitles.
    7.Add support for multiple fonts of ASS subtitles (in the subtitle
    settings interface to add fonts).
    8.Save tracks and subtitle parameters of displayed video.
    9.Optimize some shortcut keys.
    10.Fix sup subtitle display ratio error

    Shortcut Key:
    1.Add the "Resolution switch" on shortcut key option.

    Image Player:
    1.Optimize picture display quality

    Quick Settings:
    1.Add HDR switch.
    2.Add the audio offset function.

    1.Add the MTS suffix to the video file

    Blu-ray navigation:
    1.Add 4K UHD Blu-ray navigation function (Beta version)

    HDMI IN:
    1.Fix the issue that some time of the reservation record does not take effect


    How to upgrade
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  2. jcetg

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    Many thanks team, I will test later today
  3. solve2001

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    I updated to 1.4.12 several days ago, but met the stuck problem when playing a video. Hope the new release could fix the problem. I'm trying.
  4. JCJMC

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  6. gaki

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    Awesome !
    I hope we can easily map this functionality on the remote buttons for live refinements.

    Thanks !
  7. ragico

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    Thank you
  8. giangi76

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    Hi, I'm quite an advanced video user, and was very happy with the image quality of my X8 till firmware 1.4.6 (I use the default player, because I consider it the best in terms of video quality and tone mapping HDR).

    Then I tried both firmwares 1.4.12 and this new 1.4.16 and with 4k HDR content I notice some very bad color grading in the high lights, with solarisation and horizontal bandings (I already tried all possibile combination of deep color and color space). It's a pitty, because I think the 2 last firmwares are slightly better in terms of detail.

    Because of these issues, I had to downgrade to 1.4.6 firmware, but I like the new features of the 1.4.16 firmware (Ultra HD Blu-ray menu navigation, HDR switch and audio sampling pass-through).

    Any chance you could restore the 1.4.6 firmware HDR video quality in the next firmware upgrade?

    As the firmwares are in common also with X9S and X10, I suppose the issue affects also these models.
  9. Gianmaria

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    Hi, I just got my new Lg 65B7v and since i ve a zidoo X8 i wanted to ask some questions. I played some material 4K (Wonderwoman.iso and Transformers.mkv). I noticed that HDR is enabled when i launch the movie and the detail is very good. What is irregular is the sky that during daily scenes or particular white scenes tends to create artefacts and video noise. Since i haven't a UHD bluray player i can't do a comparison but i d'like to know if this is due to our zidoo X8, the movies or my oled TV. I used the rtings settings but i can notice the same issues also with standard set up (actually i changed the isf dark room settings but i didn't understand if i have to use the cinema/technocolor HDR default mode or if i have to change also the HDR settings). Last question, zidoo does it work with dolby vision? Do i have to change any settings? Thank you very much.
  10. giangi76

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    The problem is not your OLED TV nor the movies, but the 2 latest Zidoo firmwares (1.4.12 and 1.4.16). I have the same problem with my Panasonic OLED (same panel as your LG) and had to downgrade to FW 1.4.6 to resolve the issue.
    No Dolby Vision support with Zidoo. Only HDR10 ;)
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  11. Gianmaria

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    giangi i'm italian, i wrote you in pvt. thank you very much for your smart suggestion.
  12. gaki

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    Having some troubles with this firmware :
    - Sometimes doesn't switch off when pressing the power button
    - On pause, sometimes resume playing without human action => old bug of previous firmwares

    The rest is fine. Audio offset tweaking is nice but would have been better directly in the player menu (to have a live result and adapted to each videos).

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