New firmware v1.2.7 for ZIDOO X9S released

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X9S' started by mirror, Nov 19, 2016.

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  1. mirror

    mirror Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Zidoo TECH Supporter

    Version 1.2.7 of Zidoo X9S

    1,A download tool aria2 added in OpenWrt system.
    2,The brightness of VFD can be adjusted now in the setting of system.VFD stands for vacuum fluorescent display which is in the front panel.
    3,3D library of skia been improved,subsequently scores of Antutu exceed 40000.
    4,Green screen appears occasionally when play 3D movie, this issue has been fixed.
    5,RAW out of sync when play some TrueHD and DTSHD HRA movies, this issue has been fixed.
    6,After HDR playback exit,HDR status don't back to normal status, this issue has been fixed.
    7,The setting of Force downmix audio can't be saved after restart the box,this issue has been fixed.
    8,Optimized audio option.If the settings is RAW and playing AAC audio,The audio output will be temporarily auto changed to PCM
    9,Enable the statusbar

    1,More tips added in the desktop interface.
    2,The mouse cursor style changed into a better one.

    1,The offset of subtitle will only valid for once.
    2,AutoFrameswitch added 30fps and 60fps.
    3,If the movie is paused,press the menu key will not resume the playback.
    4,When searching the subtitles,the system will make it a priority to search the subtitles in default subtitle language setted in system advanced settings.The lower priority is system language.The lowest is English.
    5,Removed Force SD audio setting.
    6,Removed the auto-identify of MKV's MVC.(We now rewriting this part)
    7,Bookmarking function is open as default.
    8,Press OK to play from the beginning when resuming playback from bookmark.
    9,3D playback tips added.

    1,Immediately sync after copy or delete.
    2,A button to return to top added.
    3,A wrong error report when add&remove the directory in Russian language fixed.

    Mediafire mirror:
    Amazon mirror:

    How to upgrade:

    This version will be test in forum for a week,then push it for OTA upgrade via online.

    About ZIDOO X8,will release new version tomorrow

    1.png 2.png Screenshot_20161116-170438.png Screenshot_20161122-141812.png Screenshot_20161122-141950.png Screenshot_20161122-141953.png Screenshot_20161122-142028.png
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  2. What about the ability to switch between USB and HDMI audio?
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  3. Eric Lee

    Eric Lee New Member

    Can you fix that "spdif output" have a "auto" function?

    Because if i play aac audio file, i need to change "spdif output" to "LPCM 2ch", then it can play aac audio through spdif. If i play dts/dolby file, i need to select "raw". It is very inconvenience for me to change it each time! Can you fix or improve the "spdif output" to have a "auto" function.
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  4. Tertium

    Tertium New Member

    That's great, guys, but what about lags when youtube is playing? when ANY stream on ANY quality is playing there are sound lags every few seconds as if I have problems with the Internet connection (I actually doesn't). there is no such issue with my other android and non-android devices. zidoo is connected via cable, connection is stable. I reboted zidoo, my router, my tv - the issue still exists. on russian 4pda forum I read that this problem is common, not only on my device. I suspect it is related to network buffering. So have you guys ever launched youtube on your device? youtube works pretty well even on lowcosters, so that's a shame that your - bright otherwise - device has this bug.
    For us who've bought zidoo primarily for watching youtube and browsing internet the bottom line is network streaming support. I've found that other stream sites work well (at least in chrome).
    I really don't want to return zidoo to the seller but I suppose I 'll have to if the issue survive your new firmware. Hope you' ll read it and try fix
  5. fanhunter

    fanhunter New Member

    Great news, but when we can access to Nas using a name?
  6. YellowCows

    YellowCows New Member

    Yes, I also would like an option for sprit output to output raw dd and dts but downmix aac to lpcm- this is because many external decoders and receivers/amps cannot decode aac. Every other media player I have purchased in the past provides this option
  7. GoldBar

    GoldBar Member

    After testing a few TrueHD/Atmos files, I can also confirm that there are 2 problems with all TrueHD/Atmos files:
    1. Audio lagging about 300ms
    2. Video stuttering every 2-3 sec. Happens at different all picture setups I tried.

    These 2 problems need to be fixed. As it is now (v1.2.6) it is practically impossible to enjoy a TrueHD/Atmos movies on this device.
    Hope that someone at Zidoo read this post.
  8. Usil

    Usil New Member

    I just want to be able to configure my sd card for internal storage. So frustrating not to be able to do this. Tried many times with no luck. Is this ever going to be fixed?
  9. Burick graham

    Burick graham Member

    Why why why why. are you guys actively blocking root access? why no root support. why hasn't the status bar issue being fixed. what about performance issues. why can't I download supersu.
  10. HaoSs

    HaoSs Well-Known Member

    they can't fix all bugs at once. patience
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  11. lidibi

    lidibi New Member

  12. DaMacFunkin

    DaMacFunkin Active Member

    Yes but that buffer problem from NFS/SMB with files that contain HD audio needs fixing asap, it basically breaks the entire unit.
  13. HaoSs

    HaoSs Well-Known Member

    every user will say his problem its important and needs to be fixed asap.
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  14. Lony

    Lony Active Member

    I need an interface for my coffee machine, please install in the next firmware. thank you
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  15. PacoRabanne

    PacoRabanne Well-Known Member Beta test group

    (Me too! I'm Italian so I need it eagerly!)
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  16. Assaf Ohana

    Assaf Ohana New Member

    you said that u will fix the reversed hebrew subtitle problem
    pls fix it in 1.2.7 i really want to use the video player pls
  17. ws115

    ws115 New Member

  18. hasaslan

    hasaslan New Member

    You should support root access and supersu, why don't you write any word about this issue???
  19. hasaslan

    hasaslan New Member

    My Zidoo x9s came to me as rooted. I want to unroot it because Digiturk Play doesn't work on rooted devices. Please solve this proplem. I am wasting money to Digiturk company.
  20. PacoRabanne

    PacoRabanne Well-Known Member Beta test group

    X9S (until now) is sell NOT rooted, but, for reason never explained by Zidoo (but there are some possible analysis done by some users, like pieces of "root needes" files left in the filesystem but not used/usable, or build.prop compiled in a way that is used by rooted FW/ROMs) , some apps see X9S (and the same for unrooted X6 Pro) as rooted, even if not.
    Lets try it using a "root checker" app. Appears as "not rooted".
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