New firmware 1.2.95 for DMP-A6/A8

Discussion in 'Eversolo DMP-A8' started by mirror, May 31, 2024.

  1. neoitata

    neoitata Member

    After online push update and rescanning library, still not work for me.
  2. João Laranjo

    João Laranjo New Member

    Although it is mentioned that they will introduce the lyrics of the songs, I can't find anything with this indication. Can help understand what to do to put song lyrics on Tidal
  3. Nutul

    Nutul Well-Known Member

    Yes, it is your impression. It's called expectation bias.
  4. Tidad

    Tidad Member

    Same here: central Virginia USA
  5. Mauro

    Mauro New Member

    Yes you are right, I was listening with my external DAC.
  6. Nutul

    Nutul Well-Known Member

    What's that DAC, BTW?
  7. Eric777

    Eric777 Member

    Received 1.2.98 update and french translation.
    Thanks to Eversolo's team!
  8. Saman Edirisinghe

    Saman Edirisinghe New Member

    Any comments on Sound Quality improvements after installing 1.2.98? I am desperate to get back to 1.2.60 SQ from 1.2.80.
    Don't want to install 1.2.98 as yet if it has no improved SQ. And it might hamper my chances of rolling back to 1.2.60.
    Any thoughts lovely people?
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  9. Inti

    Inti Active Member

    The SQ is butiful on 1.2.98 no problems it’s my opinion
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  10. bogdanozaurus

    bogdanozaurus Member

    I noticed a big improvement of SQ after the update to v1.2.98.
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  11. Barry1969

    Barry1969 New Member

    Thanks team of Eversolo for this new update!
    Great sound and ease of use, I love the A-8!
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  12. benma

    benma Member

    What specifically got worse in the version 1.2.80? I didn't notice any change in SQ. Not even in version 1.2.98. You can check the list of changes in the changelog.
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  13. Ecki

    Ecki New Member

    ... and did you hear/feel there were changes at both digital and analogue output ports? USB out? Just for interest, no judgement. Thanksx
  14. benma

    benma Member

    If you asked me: I didn't notice any differences. I even don't expect any SQ changes due to the firmware upgrades.
  15. Nutul

    Nutul Well-Known Member

    Unless stated in the release change-log, of course... but almost 100% of the cases updates do not influence SQ.
  16. cege

    cege New Member

    But regarding SQ you can mess with the independent EQ, which has been activated on the A6.
    If I activate it, for the left channel it's using the current EQ, but for the right channel it's engaging an old EQ configuration.
    Yes, I did restart the system, I did save everything, I'm using the new EQ since days now, but still... it's getting the older one, once activating.
    Seems to be a glitch and if someone is not recognizing it, he might be surprised of a potential balance difference.
  17. Nutul

    Nutul Well-Known Member

    Maybe rather than a restart you may need a factory-reset in order to eliminate the residual old EQ configuration (if it is really not possible to get rid of it in any other way...)
  18. cege

    cege New Member

    Sure, but then quite everything needs to be rebuild or set ;-)
    Currently it was just an observation, I made, playing around with the new functions.
  19. DJpower

    DJpower Member

    I am listening to and ripping CDs by connecting an Apple SuperDrive to EverSolo. During the process of inserting a CD and reading the CD information, sometimes the CD information cannot be read and an infinite loading state occurs. At this time, I think it would be nice to have an option to force CD information to close and eject the CD. Apple SuperDrive doesn't have a physical eject button, so it's a bit inconvenient in this case. Is there any possibility of improvements in future firmware? The option to read CD information and force quit is absolutely necessary.
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  20. Lige

    Lige New Member

    no online updates so far.
    no info about BETA in file

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