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  2. Ozzyoz

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    thank you
  3. jwort93

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    Does 4K HDR w/ Atmos work?
  4. mecanix

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    no low quality

    ESN number
    news version of netflix wont work anymore....
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  5. mecanix

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  6. Thanos

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    I tried that, Netflix makes a mistake and forces you to use L3 - 720p max.
    The same in the case of addon disney and the like. Everything reports an error and switches to L3.

    Today I just laugh when I see the description ""DRM Widevine L1 to enjoy high-quality online video playback"
    ... And it's still one of the selling point.
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  7. ammar11

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    If it's low quality, isn't it better off using the TV app with eARC?
  8. mecanix

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  9. paresh

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    @mecanix could you please upload to some other file host. I'm experiencing a discrepancy while downloading, the original file size is 9.4 MB but after the download it shows 4.97 KB only. Also, will the same apk work for Z9x too? Thanks.
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  10. Philomen

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    hello, link is not working. The size of downloaded file is 6 ko and contain html code.
  11. Ozzyoz

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    Me too , link is not working. The size of downloaded file is 6 ko and contain html code
  12. mecanix

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    to get your esn dont install this version install one that is not patch

    This version only work on Zidoo z10 pro (work on mine)

    follow this guide
    start netflix
    click more

    Click DEVICE

    ESN number is what you want

    follow this guide if it

    Download L1 or L3 version

    this version if for zidoo z10 pro
    if you have a z10 pro and it work let me know.....

    or post your esn number here for help
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  13. Nice Monkey

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    We should get 4 versions then with an ESN per model? The previous generation is not L1 compliant.
    If that is the trick then Zidoo should bundle a specific configured APP per model.
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    It works perfectly on my Z9X, unfortunately the resolution is 480p.
    Is there no way to force the resolution? At least get to 720p.

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