My Second Zidoo, Its Different from the First One

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    Yep, I like the First Zidoo X9S, bought 2 months ago. I bought another one, received one week ago, and I have ordered a third. Here is what I have noted and have questions about the Zidoo. Tech support declines to answer any questions as "no longer developing in that direction", here's hoping on the community?

    1. FIXED: First Zidoo won't connect wirelessly. It demands IP addresses and passwords and so far it won't accept anything I enter for that. MAYBE this was caused by my initial set up of the box using a wired ethernet? This set up demand continued after flashing the box to firmware 2.0.34. The second Zidoo connected wirelessly without asking for any information. Great Performance as the Second Zidoo rarely loses its internet connection whereas my Firestick can barely keep it. I haven't used First Zidoo for the internet much, so cannot report on that.

    2. First Zidoo was flashed to v2.0.34 to fix the broken/frozen "No zui" message. Great thanks to Tech Support for providing that information. "No zui" has occurred 2-3 times since upgrade but is fixed by a fast reboot. Second Zidoo came with Firmware v.2.1.1 and "No zui" has not occurred.

    3. Both boxes will record in the mp4 format but only on average for about 20 minutes, then the video freezes while the audio continues and the saved file will not open. Both boxes work just fine using the .ts format.

    4. Both boxes lose the PiP function fairly often and they need a reboot to bring it back for full screen viewing. The actual PiP function of having a small screen appear as you navigate the menu controls doesn't work on either box.

    5. When checking for possible on-line upgrades in firmware, both boxes report the units are Up to Date with the latest Firmware. I've looked around the Zidoo website and cannot find a link to the 2.1.1 firmware making it "look like" the 2.0.34 is the latest....but I have the newer firmware on Box No2.

    6. So...……"basically" I am happy with First Zidoo. It is functional enough.....enough I bought two more. Second Zidoo has a real problem that might cause me to return it: it produces a one second audio gap as bad as every 5-6 minutes but then can go for 2-3 hours without any gap. I never know how its going to act. It does this on the passthrough hdmi as well, although I think not as often. Perhaps related....the audio will totally drop out every time the unit stops a recording. So, the unit has to be rebooted for proper operation which will last for ONE recording only....then you have to reboot again. At least that is "workable" so its the audio gaps that really bug me. I'd like to Flash the Unit to the 2.0.34 Firmware to see if that would cause it to work, BUT before doing that, I'd like to have a copy of the 2.1.1 firmware. Anyone know where it is?

    7. I still have the USB stick I used to flash First Zidoo but my computer reports that it is corrupted and there is an empty "Lost Directory" folder on the, I'm afraid to use it. I went to the email Zidoo sent me with the link to the firmware and it seems to have changed forcing me to use a "Mega"(sp?) downloader service which I don't like doing....and did not have to use the first time.

    8. I have downloaded the file for 2.0.34 to use on Second Zidoo, but its not clear to me how to use it? I assume open the zip folder and place all the files on the USB stick? Then put the stick into Second Zidoo and see if the box will upgrade? This is different from the "flashing" process and I don't want to try this kind of upgrade either without having the v2.1.1 firmware available for a flash? I mostly expect that Second Zidoo will "not accept" the oat for 2.0.34 as it should be an older firmware already superceded?

    9. Can anyone confirm? I assume the boxes are mechanically/physically exactly the same?.....differences in performance should be entirely software driven, so WHY is there this "new" sound gap issue that is not present in the older firmware?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

    Well, I look forward to any answers/comments/suggestions, and will let you know what happens with Third Zidoo. Its supposed to be here tomorrow, but Fed Ex has been reliably 3 days late.

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    Some progress being made while still waiting for Third Zidoo to arrive.

    Issue 1: FIXED: I factory reset First Zidoo and it then connected wirelessly as effortlessly as did Second Zidoo. I'm thinking the Zidoo does not like to go wireless after setting up a wired connection?...…...or...…..I left the ethernet wire in while trying to work it with the wireless at the same time. Looks like an "either/or" proposition rather than both or switching between the two? As the wireless connection is very good, I'll skip the wired less thing to trip on. My router is in direct line with the Zidoos about 14 feet away. Signal so strong...I don't even have the antenna's connected which makes for a neater presentation.

    Issue 4: PiP still not working on either units.....not a big deal. Freezes on small Pip which is fixed by a reboot. I've been too busy to surf/record the internet, so far just watching YouTube which is great. I probably won't use Kodi, I prefer the direct apk's that are less hassle. So far...First Zidoo plays them all well while Second Zidoo introduces a loud buzz making them unwatchable.

    Issue 6: Second Zidoo drops sounds second every 2-3-4 minutes on an "original signal" recording. I am going to keep this unit as it records without issue for the same program if the DVR captured signal is the still totally functional if I simply reboot before each recording. I tend to go from one source/program to the next to avoid the reboot delay, although that is so fast, almost not an issue?
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    THIRD ZIDOO arrived 12 hours ago. It works "in between" First and Second. Pip doesn't work but it will expand to full screen. mp4 format works for the same average 20 minutes before freezing. Can record multiple times without having to reboot constantly. The sound drop outs work the same as Second Zidoo except they occur less frequently but are longer as in a full second rather than half a second. Firmware is 1.0.3. Must be a first issue that got wharehoused for awhile before getting into the steam of commerce?

    Question for the community OR OF ZIDOO: would flashing the Second Zidoo having firmware 2.1.1 or the Third Zidoo with 1.0.3 "probably" make them function just like First Zidoo or are there "variables" that make the proposition hit or miss? The issue of concern being the sound dropping out for one second every 4-5-6 minutes. Can then go for one hour without a hiccup but you never know what you will get. Seems like a total software glitch?

    I'm still WOWED by the picture quality at 3Mbps and have concluded my other boxes are "on par" but suffer from pixilation as their .ts files at 10K are transcoded down to 5Kbs. ((My encoding terminology is probably "off" as vendors/programs use different terminology leaving me variable as well?))

    Trying to find a FREE editor for .ts files. Avidemux is supposed to do this but I haven't found the right settings/codec's as yet. Using H.265 in ".ts mode" actually is very nice....but it takes 10 times longer than a conversion to mp4 format......and twice as large a file size. So far, can't find a "free" .ts editor that works.

    Good thing this is a hobby...……..or I'd be pissed. /// bobbo
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    Third Zidoo: Issue 1: mp4 format works for the same average 20 minutes before freezing. I still "want" mp4 recording as they are easier to edit. By accident, I recorded a short scene and then left the Zidoo recording. I got a four hour file that would play....and edit. Next recording got corrupted and would not play in 5 minutes. Next one, after 36 minutes. Zidoo Tech Support: have you fixed the mp4 recording function yet? On THIS or your future product line?

    Issue 2: Unit has a 1-2 frame of Green that flashes on the screen and is recorded. Its so fast, relatively easy to ignore....but why???? Seems each Zidoo has its glitches that should have been found and fixed before production? FIXED: Reconfiguring my "system" using the same splitters and switches but replacing a few long cables for shorter ones just for esthetic reasons, I needed to exchange where the original signal was split then switched. The green screen flash has not been seen since. Weird how a "combo" change will affect performance...…..and I don't see how Zidoo is responsible for this...…..not directly anyway? Lots of "other equipment/parts" out there they can't test for.

    Issue 3: The all too common "one second sound gap" that caused me to reconfigure my system set up (See Issue 2). It had an effect on the gap issue, still there, but shorter in duration and number AND the gap occurred on First Zidoo now instead of Third Zidoo. This makes me wonder if one of the splitters or switches is introducing the "sound gap" issue. Again, not directly a Zidoo issue? FIXED: as I noted above there is no sound gap issue when the signal is from a recorded signal rather than from the original OTA. So...I put the original signal as a " pass through" signal using one of my hdmi game recorders and voila: I can now record "original signal" without any sound gap. I don't understand any of this....just what works.

    Reminder to all newbies like myself: while switching all my system components around for my current set up...I got frustrated that there was "No HDMI Signal" or simply no sound. What happened? Did I plug a 12volt power supply into a 5 volt device....or what? As so often happens but I have to be reminded each time: simply plugging and unplugging, power off and back on, all in different sequences has "so far" fixed all these set up issues. Some devices should be powered on or off before a cable is plugged into them, and I cannot remember which units require which sequence. Power On/Off I'm guessing does something with a "hdmi handshake" that some parts need? Plugging and unplugging connections will clean up a bit or corrosion or dirt and give a second chance at an actual connection??

    Too many variables...……………………..
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    Gee, its only been a month. Seems so much longer. Sadly, I must report that every error in my Zidoos listed above are still with me, and I've found a few more. It would be a piece of heaven if Zidoo worked a bit more as advertised? I have my units set to record at 3M bits but the recordings are variable mostly at the 5M level but some are at 6 or 8 (I know....not even a setting on the unit) and up to 10. It also records everything at 1080 or sometimes 720 when I set it to 720x480.....although the 560 setting which I don't like does seem to work more often.

    The timed recordings have worked on all three units without error. That is a nice feature. The wireless internet interface is also very reliable on all the units but I haven't even tried to install or use Kodi. Too many other easier apps to use but I haven't had the time to really check their functionality as still finding the glitches in the "HDMI IN" recording function which is why I bought the units.

    The Green Flash has returned on Zidoo#3. I prefer the Flash to the Sound Gap that Unit 2 has so I alternate between the two units.

    These are all software glitches that I assume Zidoo HAS FIXED in its new models coming out? If so.....why not fix your old models: that are still for sale here and there? How hard could that be?
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    Well, I haven't had audio issues and haven't tried the PiP or recording functions so I am unable to comment on those features.

    However I can elaborate on the Zidoo X9S 2.1.1 firmware. We were forced to reflash our Zidoo X9S and suddenly found ourselves on the 2.1.1 firmware version. Apparently the article on flashing the X9S has been updated to use the new fimware -->

    Before you reflash any of your boxes to this version, I would read the 2 following discussions first:
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    Thanks Frobozz...........disturbing as I only just got email notice of your posting. Took three weeks? I assume this happened at Zidoo's end? VERY GLAD you posted the link to the 2.1.1 software as I made several searches for it and could not find it. Zidoo tech service did email me a link when I first reported the problem but the link did not connect to the same source when I tried to go there again. I did use the 2.1.1 image to upgrade my Zidoo #1 and I still have the usb stick I used for that but the stick reports that the file has been corrupted so I have been afraid to use it to upgrade my other two boxes. I do assume it most likely is completely fine to use like some kind of "update" or status report or dump file was made to the usb stick during the update process leaving the rest of the image just fine........but I don't know, so it scares me as I have bricked a computer once.

    Anyway, thats not an issue now as I will use the fresh image on my older software versions. Thanks for the additional two links. Its weird that a flash image for the entire OS would brick a machine.........thats not what they are supposed to do, but each system has its own quirks.
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    I'll update my experience with Zidoo just a bit. As noted above, each box has different software/firmware and each of them has very irritating glitches. Just about NOTHING WORKS as it should: other than the rock solid video to sound synch which makes me a fan of the box.....the continuing OBVIOUS software glitches are a puzzle to me. Why aren't they fixed?

    The main glitch I'd like fixed right now ON ALL THREE BOXES is the bit rate for recorded material is variable regardless of the fact I record everything at 3Mbs. Actually, 95% of the recordings come in at about 6 Mbs. I can live with that....I just wish it worked. The few 3Mbs files look just fine for my purposes and take up only half the space which would be a very good thing.

    Second: I'd like ALL THREE BOXES to be able to record in the mp4 format. ALL THREE BOXES only reliably record in the .ts format. Again, I can live with that but mp4 is easier to edit post recording.

    Third: ON ALL THREE BOXES: the sound drops out for .5 seconds on a variable schedule. For some reason, this doesn't happen on two of the boxes if I use it to record material that comes from recorded sources.....meaning...I can't record directly off the air, I have to record off the air to a hard drive first and then play that thru the Zidoo to get a good audio track. The Zidoo #3 loses sound AND adds a green screen no matter what. This third box is the one I plan to upgrade to 2.1.1. Right now I use it to record news programs to watch rather than to archive. So...its good enough for that.

    I don't use Zidoo for anything else other than recording, so I can't report on the other functions........I hope/assume they must be fairly good?

    I do love the Header from Zidoo about their fine product development when their service emails say they no longer support the HDMI in function....yet they continue to sell such machines. I wonder if there is a communication failure here?
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