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Discussion in 'ZIDOO X9' started by Yeahman45, Mar 6, 2016.

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    Bruce, How did you create a private message to send him your email address?
  2. Sarco

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    Go to profile page, in information tab, start a conversation.
  3. kakuzawa

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    when doing record I get file that has broken index and I cannot seek file. Trying to fix with tsmuxer works only to provide seek but it destroys the sounds (which is not synchronized anymore). For now I just tested with short recordings (1-2 minutes, tops).
    Regarding the quality settings - great work! Finally the results are fine to watch :)
    One nitpick - the remote seems confused when trying to stop the recording. Like the focus was not on "stop recording". Regarding the gui - how about something smaller with a little transparency maybe, so played content will be visible?

    Just to be clear - great work nonetheless!
  4. Yeahman45

    Yeahman45 Member

    Regarding the file broken index.. what video player do you use to play the video?
    I have pm you an old version (v.1.0.6) of the app that uses my recording codes vs the native recording codes in the latest versions (v.1.0.7 +). Try the v.1.0.6 and tell me if it is better. Thx

    Regarding the remote and the stop recording button, I am not sure that I understand what the problem is... there is a delay pressing the "Stop recording" button .. maybe that's what you are referring to?

    Lastly regarding transparency, this might affects performance but I will give it a try later. My initial plan was when you open the menu, you get a small realtime preview of HDMI in on the bottom left of the screen but for some weird reasons, it not possible to resize the HDMI in video unfortunately :(
  5. azidahaka

    azidahaka Member

    Dunno how i could miss this! Higher bitrate/more fps would be a must for me since i record ps4/ps3 and other gaming machines!
  6. azidahaka

    azidahaka Member

    Ok as i promised to @Yeahman45, i'm posting my results concerning recording quality of his software and the results are ASTONISHING and i think zidoo guys and you all users should chime in a few $ for his work.

    Let's have the pictures speak first of all.

    DISCLAYMER: I did not retouch or mod the screen in any way! These Screens are from the untouched video recordings and i used the VLC ability to make a full resolution screenshot.

    Pictures are from ingame replay so conditions are 100% the same for both recording software. Pictures are PNGs full size so you can see the factual difference. (yup these are big pictures i know, sorry)

    Picture 1

    Basic Zidoo recorder at 1080P max quality

    Yeahman's software 1080p max quality

    Check the tarmac fences, all the details! this is a still from when the video is running!

    Picture 2
    For this one i chose one of the worst cases, quite uniform tarmac at very high speed.

    Zidoo standard encoder messy blur at max!

    Yeaman's software

    Notice how much less blurry it is and how many detail are still there!

    All in all a great great tool and improvement! I have other stills and a few videos but i'm still testing it. in any case 10000times better than the stock one.

    a few small things to improve:

    -Is it possible to make recording start at a remote press and stop them the same way?

    -In some parts of the interface you can't move with the normal arrows of the remote, but you need to use the "mouse emulation" nothing major but you might have overlooked it.

    -allow to set video to hd (720p) and max bitrate as in the 1080p profile. The bitrate for the 720p setting is very very low and quality suffers a lot.
  7. manmakerworld

    manmakerworld New Member

    I am considering to have one x9 to replace x6, thanks to Yeahman45
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  8. Yeahman45

    Yeahman45 Member

    thx for the screens. I will try to increase the bitrate for 720p
  9. azidahaka

    azidahaka Member

    If you could use the same bitrate for 720p as the 1080p i think results would be really great in video with fast movements/camera pans.

    great work!
  10. azidahaka

    azidahaka Member

    Ok here is a video sample

    Youtube destroied the quality a bit and chose to make it a 60fps video for some obscure reason killing the 1080p version. To understand the quality choose 720p in the options or better here below there's

    a link to the uncompressed by youtube video:!LQs0EQyR!xcXE9hRQls366NgjB-y_-sf2XCW141PsugDwWl79mno

    I'll be soon testing a beta version when i get an answer from @Yeahman45 and post the new results!
  11. Bopper

    Bopper New Member

    So this app is like HDMI In, with some more features?
    I have never managed to schedule more than one recording with HDMI In, so I guess it's not possible (why?). Is this possible with this app?
    Is it hard to install on a X9? I have no programming skills :)
  12. Yeahman45

    Yeahman45 Member

    1. Yup it is possible to schedule several recordings and recurring/daily recordings with my app. You can also set a custom bitrate.

    2. Yup it is easy to install
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  13. azidahaka

    azidahaka Member

    Hello mate, sorry i was so silent but i had a big fat load of things going on lately... Have you made any new update? I plan to go on with tests pretty soon :)

    It's great i really suggest you to get it. You should take a look at my quality test ;)
  14. Yeahman45

    Yeahman45 Member

    Hey nopes nothing new for now. My next goal is to add quick record (record with pre configured settings by pressing the record button on the remote)
  15. azidahaka

    azidahaka Member

    Would love it for my videogame-recording needs :)

    Did you find out about the parts not browsable with remote only (needing to switch to mouse emulation for a a click)?
  16. Bopper

    Bopper New Member

    Can't find a record button on my remote. Is there another remote control or maybe not the Zidoo X9?
  17. Bopper

    Bopper New Member

    I have tried it now. But I think recordings is better with HDMI In.
    I record from my TV box with Full HD and Bitrate: Very High
    FPS I have 40, as it says it's max.
    Should I change anything to get better quality?
  18. azidahaka

    azidahaka Member

    Full HD and 40fps is a bad choice, use 720p 40fps very high (it'll record extra smooth 60fps not 40 fps) or if you want fullHD go with very high and set it to 30FPS
  19. ravo

    ravo New Member

    hi guys, just received my x9 box. Having problems recording from the hdmi in, when it plays it's jumpy, sounds out then freezes. I was wondering how do i get the scheduling recording app, where do i donate, how do i donate and to who, and will the app work on a M8 box and a DroidBox T8s thanks in advance. ravo
  20. azidahaka

    azidahaka Member

    Ravo, i suggest you and Bopper to record on the usb 3.0 port with a 3.0 drive.

    For the program send a word to yeahman. The software is coming around very nicely and bugs are getting ironed out

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