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    Installed with some help the new Music Player 5.0.1 (available for X-series) also on my Z9S.

    Change log with 5.0.0 (Google translate)
    1. Fix the problem of occasionally reporting errors when playing music through file manager
    2. Add lyrics closing function
    3. Add German and Polish
    4. Optimize system stability
    These changes are very welcome obviously. These will be included with the next FW for sure as they are part of the internal beta 2.2.85 too.

    I hoped to get rid of the occasional audio distortions still present which was not the case:
    1) Sound hiccups for smaller periods (may take hours of playback to occur)
    2) Sound starts to be heavily distorted which can only be solved by restarting the player
    Be aware I am using the special audio drivers as I play HD Audio mostly.

    A thing I found out is that the playback seems to be influenced by background of other activities.
    Inserting a second HDD while playing music from another HDD resulted e.g. in problem number 2.
    The best way to get clean playback I found is:
    - Have only connected those items which are needed for music player to work.
    - Don't power off the player as it starts with all kinds of background activity when fired up for an extensive period.
    - One may turn off Lyrics to avoid impact of that live process.
    - Don't use the player in background using the remote control or the remote APP as this may occasionally result in small hiccups.

    This brings me to the question how well can any Android based Music Player work? It simply does too much shit not asked for. A dedicated player with simple integrated OS seems structurally still a better high-end audio solution? But again some music players designed for smart phones seem to be able to deal with the Android environment (requiring a lot of programming effort from what I read from those).
    I frankly hate that Android always creates/writes to several directories on all my HDD's just to playback things. Keep off please, never asked you to do something on those is my motto. But most likely Google needs to be blamed for that,
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