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Discussion in 'ZIDOO X20' started by Reelyator, Oct 12, 2018.

  1. Reelyator

    Reelyator Active Member

    First experiences with the Music Player 3.0:
    Player crashes when adding a source from NAS per SMB
    Second try: Adding of the source works but Player crashed when reading in the library
    Third try after rebooting the Box: Manual updating of the libraty seems to work.

    Not the most stable Software.

    First impression: The Music Player 3.0 Looks much better then the previous Versions.

    Now it is possible to Display your library sorted by Artistst, Album, etc. .... a small step for mankind but still a step into the right direction:)

    Room for improvement: When opening the Artist section, all the individual titles are displayed. Here it would be better to Show the Albums of the selected artists.
  2. fred_A3

    fred_A3 New Member

    App stops by scraping always, is in moment not stable...
  3. Reelyator

    Reelyator Active Member

    One more thing: The App forgets previously imported information. Whe i lauched the app todayhe nwhole library was empty again. Source is still displayed but with zero entries. I cannot believe that this is intended...
  4. Reelyator

    Reelyator Active Member

    ....and the sorting of Songs/albums from SACD ISO Files is RIDICULOUS!!!

    Songs from the same Iso file are displayed as different albums (sometimes 2-4). And the apk has no option for a manual correction...

    This is no Version 3.0 software, this is early beta....
  5. ahuman

    ahuman Member

    This app is still useless. it made my library a mess. it scrapped wrongly. Any way zidoo will fix it? or any setting that we can edit it manually?
  6. gymnos

    gymnos Member

    Any improvement related with the Music Player and multichannel audio? currently I can only output the sound in stereo.

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