Multichanel Playback from SACD Iso´s using KODI´s SACD Iso Support Add-on

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    Dear Audiophilics!

    With Kodi Matrix a completely reworked version of the SACD Iso Support Add-on was released that now offers the possibility to play Multichannel Audio (as far as in the corresponding SACD Iso of course).

    This is a huge innovation and a big step forward as up to now only stereo playback was possible afaik.
    Add-on can be found in the v19 Repo under Audio Decoders and is in Rev. 0.1.2 at the time of this post.

    Kodi with the above mentioned Add-on is now a potential alternative to the Zidoo Music Player wich never delivered a stable performance .

    The downside ist that The Add-on with Kodi in Multichannel Playback seems to be so resource demanding, that a stable and fluent Playback is not possible on my Zidoo x20. Only Stuttering Playback.

    I hope this Thread can be used to share information between Zidoo users how to make playback possible. Preferrably in Multicahannel with the best possible Audio Quality.

    During the next days i will go through the settings of te Add-on to see if i find amything to allow a stable and fluent playback. Results will be posted here. Feedback from any other Zidoo user is highly welcome!
  2. Reelyator

    Reelyator Active Member

    The Add-on works well when set to stereo and delivers a 2.0 PCM Signal to my AVR. Importing into the Kodi Music Library does NOT work and MCH Playback is NOT possible as well.

    Nobody else here who has tried this Add-on and wants to share his experiences?

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