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    it's not from the SOC, i put it trough much more, 100+ torrents on seeding downloading ( over 2 TB of data) while playing HQ 40gb videos, so it's not from that, may just be something wrong with it hardware based, it's still in warranty ?
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    I guess it is still in warranty, but I bought it from a Chinese online store ( and this kind of things are difficult to prove specially like this via online. I still think it should be some parameter in the settings something I am missing out. Because when it works , it delivers picture and audio in a fantastic way. I am kind of missing a tutorial or manual or guide showing the recommended settings for display, audio, player, etc. There are some special settings in this player that I hadn't seen before so I maybe having something "on" or "off" that I shouldn't....
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    for kodi/zdmc, probably, but media center should play video with zidoo own player on top quality with no settings needed outside the box
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    I do not use kodi/zdmc, I only use zidoo own player , I meant all of those quick settings (and also available at general settings of Android) for display, audio and the player. There are quite a lot of these settings.
    One other thing in case this helps, half of the time when I get a more aggressive stuttering of freeze of the screen, the android dialogue box comes up, with "Galery app seems not to be working" and gives me the option to "wait" or to "kill" the app, as I can see Android interprets the zidoo player as the "galery" , does this tell you anything?
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    than try zdmc 17.4 and see how playback is
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    I don't know where to get zdmc 17.4 from, I managed to download 17.1 version, from a post here at this forum, but I haven't seen any link to the zdmc 17.4.
    DO you think zdmc 17.4 will perfom better than Zidoo's own player app, that's why you are suggesting it?
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  9. domifer

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    One question:

    Should I uninstall zdmc 17.1 first, or installing 17.4 will just upgrade it and keep the settings?
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    you can't "upgrade it" you will need to uninstall and reinstall, but a data wipe is preferred
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    After some days of usage I am back with my experience:

    1. Using ZDMC does not have any effect on media stuttering, the movies have the same stuttering issues over the same time frame. Sometimes is only audio that goes away (in this case I just have to pause and play again, or fast forward 10-20 secs of the movie and the sound is back) , sometimes is the whole movie freezing and I have to restart the movie, and frequently pass 10-20 secs over the problematic time frame to keep viewing it, otherwise it will freeze at the same time frame again. If I choose not to use the external player in ZDMC then I don't et so much stuttering but I can only play the movies in stereo (PCM 2.o) no matter what, even choosing audio passthrough, not 5.1 let alone 7.1 sounds. I am using the latest 17.4 ZDMC.

    2. Music -> The music files losses audio many times (every 30 sec- 1 minute) with the Zidoo music player, but in ZDMC the play fine, without muted seconds. So in case of music files, ZDMC does deliver a good performance as opposed to the Native music player.

    I even bought a new HDMI certified HDMI 2.0b cable just in case it was an HDMI cable issue, but no, I still have these problems, but, having said that, sometimes I can watch a whole movie without a problem, so I am starting to think that these could be a software issue, because one of the error messages I get is "the gallery app is taking to long to respond, do you want to kill it of wait" , and I know Android treats the native Zidoo player as the "gallery" app. I am hoping that with a new firmware version things will go more smoothly.
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    I bought a Zidoo x10 and I'm having the same problem when acessing my external synology Nas via nfs.

    If I use the internal hdd I added to Zidoo it works fine but that's not what I need.

    My network is gigabit btw.
  13. HaoSs

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    try SMB ?
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    Does the Q10 play full menu bd?

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