Looking for a better input device or controller to navigate Android TV apps.

Discussion in 'ZIDOO H6 Pro' started by Cliff Brain, Sep 26, 2017.

  1. Cliff Brain

    Cliff Brain New Member

    The H6 Pro is a great media player and the remote works well with the system and Kodi but not YouTube or other Playstore apps. I've used Roku and Fire TV and both work well with the remote.

    I installed a USB wireless mouse and found it far better. There are several options for wireless keyboard/mousepad controllers. Anyone found a good solution? I tried to pair a Bluetooth mouse but couldn't get H6 to recognize it. Is it possible to pair 2 controllers? What's the trick?
  2. Kris

    Kris Member

    i always use ps3 controller and sixaxis app from google play store. requires root but i do believe root is available soon.

    you can use analog sticks as mouse so i use it to go on web browser to. works perfect for everything. even kodi easier to use. way easier than pointing a controller at tv.

    i just ordered 3 H6 pro's so really hoping controller is compatible. i never want to use anything but ps3 controller ever again lol.
  3. warren_wh

    warren_wh Active Member Staff Member Zidoo TECH Supporter

    Can connect multiple Bluetooth devices, and work at the same time.

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  4. Cliff Brain

    Cliff Brain New Member

    Thanks Kris. I'm looking for something with a keyboard but will check it out.

    Warren, I got the mouse paired. Had been trying to pair from the remote screen. Works far better than remote and much better range than USB wireless. Bluetooth will be my preferred input device.
  5. Cliff Brain

    Cliff Brain New Member

    There appears to be an Android TV OS designed for remote input, veiwed from 10 feet. Can we load this version to our H6 Pro? Will this be a possible update?



    Both Amazon Fire TV and Roku play nicely with their remote. This would make the H6 Pro easier to use, more popular and drive sales.
  6. Cocolopez

    Cocolopez Member

    Im tryng to connect ps3 controller using sixaxis controller...but no luck at all...cant connetc to bt...so no ps3 controller for h6 pro. Its a shame...hope someone fix it.

    I have a mini keyboard with mouse...using RF not bt...that work perfect in my old box but the mouse go crazy in h6 pro.
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  7. Jake98

    Jake98 New Member

    I purchased a remote with regular features on front side keyboard and mouse pad on reverse. It uses a USB dongle. The air mouse is great point the remote and the cursor obeys. Keyboard is phenomenal.
  8. Finland

    Finland New Member

    I have used a Logitech K400 wireless keyboard with mousepad for my X9S but had problems with it when switching to H6pro. The mouse was lagging and sometimes stopped working altogether. Since a couple days back I changed the USBdongle to the 3.0 USB interface and the mouse has worked perfectly since. Hopefully this will help somebody.

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