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Discussion in 'ZIDOO Z9S' started by skywalker1978, Jul 12, 2019.

  1. skywalker1978

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    Does anybody of you know if Zidoo products are supported by Logitech. I would like to buy an all-in-one remote but I am not sure if I will be able to control my Zidoo device with it.

  2. D.B.

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    I have a Harmony Ultimate and it works flawless. Logitech has zidoo in their database so you don't even need to teach a command to make your harmony work with your z9s.
  3. razserv2010

    razserv2010 New Member

    I have harmony elite and it work fantastic with my zidoo z9s
  4. skywalker1978

    skywalker1978 New Member

    Ok. Thank you for the feedback. Is it worth having such a remote? For the time being I have 6 remotes. Will a logitech remote solve the issue? Is a on-click operation for powering all the devices (TV, Zidoo, Ampifier etc.) working good?
  5. razserv2010

    razserv2010 New Member

    This is the best remote I have, I have 10 devices and this remote controls all of them and since I have it (something like two years) all the other remotes I took the batteries out of them and packed them in the closet.
  6. dcumpian

    dcumpian New Member

    If all of your devices are IR compatible, you can still get a Harmony 650 which will do it all for a lot less than the new ones that require a network to function. I bought mine right after I got the Zidoo and everything works great. One button turns on everything in the order I specify.

  7. skywalker1978

    skywalker1978 New Member

    Thanks for the replies!
  8. wilsonganks

    wilsonganks Member

    I have a much cheaper remote than the logitech, one which you can do infrared programming going like for probably, USD10 or so? Was considering logitech previously but it's like, so expensive I felt. Of course it is a better looking remote than my universal remote now. But hey, it works. I even programmed it to control my ceiling fan, projector, receiver.
  9. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    The problem with cheap IR programmables is that one needs to remember which function for what box is under each key with probably the wrong symbol on it. :(
    Won't work for me as I forget faster than I can program those. :p
  10. wilsonganks

    wilsonganks Member

    Basically or at least me, I only use a few keys. On, off, forward, pause, play, power on, back, etc. It programmes about 3 remote and the power button switch on all three units of my item and I know power means power. Play is also play for all and the directional button is also just that. The only thing I need to remember is which remote is under which selection. There are only three anyways.

    We don’t usually access all buttons in a remote. At least I don’t. Anything that requires special adjustment, I can always go back to the original remote. But it’s not something I do everyday. Once you calibrate everything, it’s rare that you need those function regularly.

    Don’t require much of a memory. More of some logic and thinking of what you think you use most of the time and for me,it’s always just power on and off, play and pause, seek, directional button. Not many to rmbr.

    Those keys that’s used are usually labelled correctly. Very rarely also you will find a cheap IR remote with no play symbol, stop symbol, no directional keys nor power button.

    Of course if your habit is that you keep doing different menu configuration and adjustemtment using rare keys that only special players have, then yes,it’s not easy to find the coresponding symbol, but my personal solution is,I choose one that is in the same position

    Of course, that’s just how I manage mine with a supposedly cheap remote and it solves my problem. Just thought that if you at all wonder if it’s worth it to get a remote at a higher price to solve your multi remote issue, this will not give you the “wonder” of if it is too expensive. My personal experience tells me remote fails eventually due to dirt and what not causing unusable buttons and I don’t wanna spend a lot waiting for that remote to break down and the get another. But that’s just me. If the harmony works for you both in terms of price and function and you think when it’s down you won’t mind getting another to replace, by all means, it’s a way better looking remote to the eye compared to the el cheapo ir remote
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