LG C2 paired with Zidoo Z9X Pro question

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    I have went trough forums but haven't found any definite answers. I am sorry if I missed any of posts, but I got 2 questions regarding my setup configuration.

    Yesterday I got Zidoo Z9x Pro to test on my LG C2 over the weekend so I can check if everything works correctly. I am using original HDMI cable that came with the product.
    I have followed guidelines to set-up my Zidoo product as mentioned on the topic.

    In past when I watched movies trough drive / streaming apps, when movie was in Dolby Vision and I tried turning “peak brightness” option in my LG it didn’t do anything. I have read that its because Dolby Vision controls everything and there was no difference what so ever between low and high peak brightness option, but when watching movies in Dolby Vision connected to Zidoo Z9X Pro, each bump in setting makes screen a lot brighter.

    I have tried both of the options;
    -TV LED player – output mode: 3840x2160P @ 23HZ RGB 8bits DV ( TV-Led),
    -LLDV Player LED – output mode: 3840x2160P @ 23HZ YUV422 12Bits BT2020 DV,

    Each time peak brightness get upped, brightness actually changes. I went back to double check and when watching Netflix for example trough LG C2 and peak brightness setting doesn’t do anything.
    *When watching HDR content on my tv, this setting does affect brightness but not on DV content.*

    Is there something wrong with my Dolby Vision configuration / Zidoo configuration / LG configuration?

    I can say that Zidoo gui shows Dolby Vision on left top of the screen and my LG also displays Dolby Vision on top right of my screen on each of the movies I have tried.

    I would like to also ask, what would be preferable option of those two to use paired with my TV? I've read that 8bit RGB still outputs same picture as 12bit YUV422 and has no quality loss. I am unable to see any definitive difference between the two because till I get to options and change this setting and get back into movie I already forget what it looks like.

    Would it be best to use LLDV player or TV LED player?

    Best regards,
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    Reading the good reviews on your tv..I would do TV Led.
    And the HDR stuff on auto
    And tv on DV iq or moviemaker.) not sure how the dv and hdr settings are called on LG)
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    I have my settings set to 'HDR Auto' and Dolby Vision compatible mode set to 'TV LED'.

    I also use a LG C2 OLED, but with the Zidoo z2000 Pro.

    I have picture mode on the C2 set to 'FILMMAKER MODE' for HDR Movies.
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    Hey thank you both for answering.

    Thanks for clarification I decided to leave DV compatible mode to TV led also now :) Can you please test DV content and see if "peak brightness" option in your LG C2 affects brightness levels of content when watching it on Zidoo? I do not understand as to why does peak brightness levels get higher on zidoo but on internal apps / player this option doesn't do anything

    I am wondering, If you came upon same problem as I'm having with HDMI-CEC option in Zidoo. Everytime my TV starts up when HDMI-CEC is enabled, my soundbar will not start up, meaning I have to manually switch from TV speakers > Soundbar sound option. I have tried messing with options inside of HDMI-CEC as volume control. ( It might be due to having Samsung soundbar, but I'm getting LG soundbar in upcoming weeks.)

    I would like to ask something else I noticed yesterday evening while watching movie Meg 2 The Trench I saw that "black borders" weren't true black, it was even more noticable when screen went black so i took a picture. It was first movie I tried to test that had kinda big borders and when screen went black I could see difference between borders and screen. ( borders were grayish).

    Movie video specs:
    HDR format: Dolby Vision, version 1.0, dvhe.08.06, BL+RPU, HDR10 comptible / SMPTE ST2094 App4, Version1, HDR10+ Profile B compatible,
    Color space: YUV,
    Chroma: 4:2:0 ( type 2),
    Bit depth: 10bits,
    Mastering display luminance: min 0.0050 cd/m2, max: 1000cd/m2.

    I have posted a picture, when screen went totally black for a second, when borders are noticably brighter. Sadly other movies have such a small border and I haven't seen any black frame where I could check it out. Is this a movie problem? I don't know If i posted right specs, I can copy paste whole spec list if its needed, but I'm just wondering why are borders noticably brighter

    Best regards,

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  5. Venmaster

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    Yes, it does.

    But it is supposed to? So not sure why this is a problem for you?

    PS. Make sure you have the latest firmware installed and the following disabled ...

    • 'AI Brightness Settings'
    • 'AI Picture Pro'
    • 'Auto Genre Selection'
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    Ive read somewhere that only HDR gets affected by peak brightness and not dolby vision, thats why I though something might be up. For example watching DV netflix on internal app and switching peak brightness from high to off there is no difference, but when switching on Zidoo there is noticable difference.
    I might be wrong thats why i asked. Sorry for confusion.

    Best regards,
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