LG 2016 3D Oled issue with Zidoo Z9X ( Request for help from Markswift2003)

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    There is a gentleman on Facebook forums who is having a time with getting 3d to trigger his display , a 2016 oled, and

    We share the same year , displays, denon avr year, and and RT1619DR zidoo client.

    I am attaching my EDID from HD Fury Diva to see if you can assist him, I am not sure if somethings need to be stripped out. This is from TX0

    LG 77G6P
    Denon AVR3300W
    Zidoo Z1000Pro

    Uploaded as .txt - Change back to .bin

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  2. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Beta test group Contributor

    According to the EDID, Side by Side and Top & Bottom 3D is supported, but not Frame Packed 3D.

  3. nc88keyz

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    Well, that is my EDID, and it framepacked surely works. I mentioned to him that its not showing 3d supported in the zidoo display settings either. But it is and always has worked in 3D. Maybe zidoo broke something with the 2016 oleds from LG. Maybe the Diva is fixing the issue for me and reading it correctly and triggering framepacked 3d. Like i told him, I have had a x9s, z9s, z9x, z1000 pro, and never an issue, Also have a 7150 samsung series 46" and same. no issues with 3d frame packing. How can you help him?
  4. nc88keyz

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    Mark, does a 3D framepacking have to be active. If so that is strange to me as I thought an EDID was capable of showing all display capabilities in theory. Here is one with the 3d switched on. and showing in the TX0 line on the diva.

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  5. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Beta test group Contributor

    The EDID just tells the source what it can and can't do, so if it tells it frame packing isn't available, the source won't provide it.

    SBS and Top Bottom should work though.
  6. nc88keyz

    nc88keyz Active Member

    But, in this case the source "is" providing it and ignoring the edid info in quick settings: Perhaps something at Zidoo camp is broken. No other explanation if you are receiving a MVC signal at 23.967 1080p 3dFP not only from HT poster, but also ZDMC 20.1, or Jellyfin. It's simple enough to check in the info screen inside HT Poster.apk.

    I would hate to disagree with you, because I value your knowledge for sure. But it absolutely is sending a 3D frame packing signal through the diva and onto the OLED 77G6P US display. (2016 3D OLED) , I have over 400 3D isos, and a few mkvs as well as sbs. What is your explanation, that the edid is not being picked on the edid, but it is 100% switching to 3D MVC mode and the TV is changing to frame packed 3d mode. Even the Diva sees the signal change when the zidoo is outputing 3D. on the TX0 line description. I've been watching 3D since 2012 , and using a X9s. I am absolutely certain and what I am looking at. I would say its possible that Zidoo has broken something in the EDID ID utility it uses before I agreed that my display is not accepting a 3d framepacking signal from the zidoo Z1000pro > HD Diva > Denon AVRX33300W > LG OLED77G6P.

    If you want to troubleshoot it or debug it, that is fine, I personally am not having an issue with 3d being activated, the gentleman on the facebook community is , but that was my EDID uploaded. I do believe at one time though that did say 3D in the EDID utility in quick settings / but I could not tell you how many firmware's ok that may have been. It's not something I pay attention to, As a matter of fact, I have never second guessed it because 3D just works as it should , just like it does on my Oppo 203, amd M9702 china-clone black box as well.

    every 2016 Oled with exception of the B series was 3D framepacking capable , even the 1080p model, all C series, All E Series, and All G series (C6p)(E6p)(G6P) for North American Models.
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  7. Deano86

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    Wait... let me get this straight.... you are asking Mark to troubleshoot someone else's problem ...... and with YOUR edid? And your 3D works fine? But yet you suspect Zidoo messed something up. Interesting... Does he have the 3D to 2D menu setting active by chance?
  8. nc88keyz

    nc88keyz Active Member

    We both share a 2016 Oled LG 3D model, and a Denon AVR from the same year, as well as a RT1619DR zidoo box. So yes, I asked mark to take a look at my edid and see if he could see why 3d display not supported under quick settings/Custom EDID, also says 3D: Not Supported, To be honest, It's been so long since I have had any type of 3d issue with a zidoo box, i never look at it. But then, mark backs my finding up with the reading from the edid. I would ask if that is the case and LG does not show that it is a frame packing display according to the edid capture, than why / how does it work in this case. It is not SBS or TAB as suggested. Zidoo, being the source sees the display as a 3d frame packing display one way or another, maybe the Edid is not the only way on those 2016 oled displays since it is clearly outputing a MVC signal and the display is accepting it. That was the "only" issue I see on my end. Do I care much? No, not really, Everything works as intended . There is nothing other than a MVC framepacked signal passing to the displa. 3D frame packing clearly works fine from my setup.

    It is not on the person I was attempting to help, but if they will not post here, my effort was wasted. You are right, it is not "my" problem. Was only trying to offer assistance. Mark states the Display says it is not a 3D frame packing capable display by the EDID, yet Zidoo delivers the MVC signal, and it passes right through the Denon AVR and onto the Diva and ultimately to the display ( LG 2016 G series Oled). I am not here to debate if the display can do 3d frame packing. That is ridiculous on face. I am here to assist why he cannot get 3d to trigger with very similar equipment as I have with exception of the HD Fury Diva, which I am simply just copying TX0 , no scaling, alteration in the Diva. I feel certain if I remove the diva from the chain, it will function the same at this point. Maybe the zidoo would see the display as 3D capable as well in the last screenshot. I could then capture the edid from the zidoo, with the diva out of the chain. If the case, Maybe the Diva has something afoul. ( doubtful, but possible), There are no more fw updates for the Diva, Checked that last evening.

    My setup:
    Denon AVRX3300W
    HD Fury Diva
    LG Oled77G6p

    Facebook Zidoo Issue:
    Denon AVRX2300W
    LG Oled 77E6p or equivalent world model

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  9. nc88keyz

    nc88keyz Active Member

    Markswift2003, The version of Deltacast EDID-editor, did not show the tabs you display here. Do i need an internal version or special plugin? I think your link in another thread goes to 1.4. version? Would be nice if I could figure out the same tabs you have screenshot. Thanks
  10. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Beta test group Contributor

    I'm not using anything special, just the latest version from the Deltacast website.
  11. nc88keyz

    nc88keyz Active Member

    What are the steps to show that screen shot please. I felt like i combed all the way through it to see find those 3d settings without success. Thank you
  12. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Beta test group Contributor

    CTA Extension/HDMI 1.4 VSDB/HDMI Video/3D
  13. nc88keyz

    nc88keyz Active Member

    Thank you , i did find it shortly after my request. Sorry I didn't let you know. It is right where you state. ;)
  14. nc88keyz

    nc88keyz Active Member

    An update: the member from the facebook group decided to swap out his Z9X with a Z9X Pro, While edid still shows no 3d support in quick settings Zidoo tool, he swapped my G6 oled edid , and 3d mvc frame packing support is working on his world model e6 display. The zidoo however , remains "No 3D Support" on default edid taken from display. The same as mine and I would guess others as well with C6, E6, G6P. I wonder why the Zidoo cannot determine that flag, and as you stated , neither does the EDID tools. I wasn't aware LG did some it differently than say samsung, sony, jvc etc. I would think its either 3d frame packing support or not, but apparently it sends out the signal differently according to the capture we get. Mark, thoughts? Again I do not recall this being the case in earlier firmwares but I cannot say when I last cared to look or examine it. Why would you if 3D just always did its thing with finesse.

    Current State: Zidoo RT1619XX send out successful signal to 3D Framepacking displays but also do not show 3D support in edid utility in Quick Settings / Android 9/11 for LG 2016 3D Frame Packing Oled Displays that did 1080p/ Eye Passive 3D. Neither do industry standard edid editors/ decoders from Deltacast. Signal sent out as 3D MVC from Zidoo client through AVR / HD Fury proucts, to display ( in my case)


    Mark, my last response in the thread above at the facebook forum , pretty much states my frustration with an attempt to be helpful with missing information. He has a Z9Xpro, and never clarified this until this morning. I guess that leaves us with the same scenario that the edid utility is not picking something up from LG 2016 oleds but at the same time , loading a custom edid from my setup, did allow the "Z9Xpro" to to send 3d framepacked signal through to the AVR and display, whereas is default edid capture did not.
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  15. Markswift2003

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    Trying to diagnose something like this through a third party is a bit like wading through custard in a wet suit - my suspicion is it's just finger trouble - the edid is the edid and I don't think I've seen an instance where a zidoo player doesn't honour it.
  16. nc88keyz

    nc88keyz Active Member

    Finger Custard it is than.

    But, i think you know me better to know I know the difference in sbs output and MVC or frame packed 3d iso or mkv file. My shit works. His apparently does after using my edid. If that is custard so be it, however it does not change the fact that a 2016 3D Oled does not broadcast to Zidoo ( at least by hdmi standards that it is a frame packed display by the edid. If those are the rules, than those are the rules. Someone broke them because as you can see in my screenshots, it clearly works. It doesn't affect me or you at this point. Mine is working and always has worked. I have had qty 4: high end displays with 3D capability including Sharp, Samsung, LG and Sony that all are capable of 3D. When time permits, i will pull the diva out of the chain and see if anything changes, but it doesn't matter because 3d mvc ( frame packing signal is being sent by the zidoo / oppo 203, m9702 and even an 4th gen nuc i5 with stereoscopic player. and the display currently on the other end, both a LG Oled 77G6P, and 46" Samsung H7150 1080p/3D display, both detect a framepacking signal from the Zidoo RT1619 series box and are displayed 3DFP per the Diva. and on screeen. One is a passive 1080p oled (lg) , the other active 3d (samsung)

    Finger Custard so be it!

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