Just brought zidoos Z9S from amazon

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  1. scotty2hotty

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    I just purchase new box zidoos Z9S thought there were to be apps in this box and see none no kodi or any thing seeing i have very old firm where i wondering if will change upgrading.
    Being i old and limited on computers this is a hard box to get going compare to any other box I had including a Nvidia shield I had going in about hour been at this for hours and no closer any hints as what ùi read does not help me get one app going yet.
    I like idea of recording but perhaps over my limited knowledge I beginning to like the cheap chinese much more now Lol
    Any help would be so helpful and thanked too.
    Amazon may hate me as seems i return lots after playing around with these boxes as still like a older S905 brand name kukele off amazon both Canada & USA I bought many for friends but try to get them to buy direct for thjs reason of getting screwed up boxes.
    I wonder if the new firmware may help me get things going as think this has missed every update as now in the 2s if I recall proper
    But looks nice & wonder what the weight from too
  2. scotty2hotty

    scotty2hotty New Member

    Well had some apps but nothing like utube netflix and too scared to even try adding as herd so many nightmares with shutting the box down I do not even want to upgrade as read about reinstalling google play even.I cannot even get sound or where o to off 5.1 and go stereo setting.I thought HDMI did all sounds on stuff like this.Over my head for sure I had better luck with NVIDIA box a while ago.
    I wish it had easier to read articles but think you need a bit of help or training to play around with this box is my guess
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    You probably bought the wrong product for your needs. If you want YouTube, Amazon Video, Hulu, and Netflix, you definitely bought the wrong product.

    The Z9s is a great product to host your own content on a NAS, USB hard drives, or SATA HDDs. That is why I have the X9s and X8. If you are interested in consuming other's content through a service, they are not the one to select. Nvidia Shield, Apple TV, Roku, and Fire Stick all will provide better support for streaming applications.

    The DRM (Digital Rights Management) on Zidoo boxes isn't up to snuff for streaming. If it were, it would create problems for those of use who buy and rip our own content to servers and NAS to consume on own private networks.

    Different product for different needs. If you have HDR10, 3D HD, HD, Flac, DSF, MP3 content on your network you wish to consume, the Z9s is perfect for that job. If you want to use a streaming service and YouTube, the Z9s isn't what you should buy. Buy a Shield, Roku or Fire TV to stream.

    The Z9s OS is more like a smartphone OS than a TV box OS. On top of that, it isn't using the latest version of Android. It's going to have limitations.

    I find the Zidoo boxes very easy to use. Just limited in their use in some ways and expansive in others.

    By the way, support for the Z9s is in a different section of this forum under HDD Media Players (RTD 1296).

    A custom version of Kodi call ZDMC is included in the firmware.
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  4. scotty2hotty

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  5. scotty2hotty

    scotty2hotty New Member

    Man that's makes totally makes sense now.
    I thought wrong but yep brought wrong unit for certain.
    I have a Nvidia with the huge storage or extra hard drive already but find the cheap chinese ones best to ease of loading etc.
    Thank you so much for the information as helps me understand this so clear now.
    The write up on Amazon sure look like a streaming box too I best look again now.
    Thanks again for the email today put my mind at else why I cannot get this da__ box to work as always was able to load all others I had as was fun for a older guy with very limited knowledge when coming to computers to begin with .I sent it back earlier today already as did not want to chance ruining the unit and no way to get firmware back on as limited articles on the net for me to follow in case.
    I will not be sharing what I bought & thought what I brought as may put me into a home early & have not retire yey either got to 65 I thought.Lol a dumb move for anyone when you think about it.OMG
  6. Random_Vibration

    Random_Vibration Active Member

    I wouldn't call it a dumb move. It was an educational experience. I like the Fire Stick 4K as a pure streaming solution. It's small, inexpensive, and gets the job done for streaming.

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