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Discussion in 'Jellyfin for Zidoo' started by andy22, Jun 18, 2022.

  1. Ant14

    Ant14 New Member

    Thanks. I thought Jellyfin for Kodi was an exception, but I trust you on that.
  2. andy22

    andy22 Active Member

    Ok all, i'm officially back and working on the next version. All life/personal issues have been resolved and i made time in my schedule to work on the fork!
    We had a mayor 0.15 official client release, we are still based on 0.14. The 0.15 only had minor feature/bug fixes, yet under the hood a lot was changed. So i need to manually merge the upstream version with my fork. So the only new feature planed for the next version is the relaxed layout, aka more spacious layout options for the wife-approval factor. After that i need to sort the old wish/bug list and can also accept new feature request.

    @AngryVirginian While i have some personal beef with upstream, i still recommend to check if working on the official client makes more sense for you. If you specifically want to help on this fork, than sure there is a long bug/feature request list. You will mainly need to get into Kotlin, took me a few weeks to get into this language. I also switched to java-19 for the fork, so i could use some recent features, but try to avoid java at this point. Yet as noted, i need to merge the upstream 0.15 version first and manually adapt a lot of my changes, so we have a clean base to work for 2023.
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  3. mattmarsden

    mattmarsden Active Member

    Awesome, and glad everything is sorted with you.
  4. azon1951

    azon1951 Active Member

    Is it possible to integrate Real-Debrid in this app?
  5. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Beta test group Contributor

    Been away on vacation for the last couple of weeks and now looking forward to the 0.15 release...
  6. Rob W

    Rob W Active Member

    Thanks for this, I installed Jellyfin on my Pi yesterday to test and I really like it. Think I will use Jellyfin instead of Plex now. It's perfect for the Zidoo box and opens really quickly and is responsive.
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  7. evmann86

    evmann86 New Member

    Hi there -

    Thanks for all your hard work on this, I'm loving my new Zidoo w/ the Jellyfin app installed.

    However, I do have a few issues. I am on the lastest Zidoo firmware (came shipped that way), and on Beta11 JF app.

    1) Every time I exit out of a show or movie (by pressing back twice on the remote), the app crashes back to the Zidoo home screen. [Note that I have installed Beta11 fresh, not an upgrade from previous version.]
    2) It will occasionally crash during playback, too - when fast forwarding or rewinding, but not all that often.
    3) The "My Media" categories will only show in these really small poster-sized versions, with the images mostly cut off, and with a folder icon on them. They won't show the full Card image. Note, this happens whether I'm on "My Media" or "My Media - small" (although "Small" is smaller).

    I'll get a picture of issue #3 when I'm home this evening. Any recommendations for issues #1 or #2? What is the best way to currently upload crash logs?

    Thanks again!
  8. evmann86

    evmann86 New Member

    Oh, and also: I'm using SMB sharing, although I also tried NFS and it was the same behavior for at least issues #1 and #3 (didn't use long enough to test #2 this way).
  9. Gilgamesh

    Gilgamesh Active Member

    no crashing or any playback issues for me also using SMB sharing from my unRAID server.
  10. evmann86

    evmann86 New Member

    See pictures here, regarding the cut off / smaller "My Media" folders.

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  11. evmann86

    evmann86 New Member

    Hi all -

    I did end up finding the logs, and found that "java.lang.NullPointerException" errors were causing the crashes. I've attached one of those logs to this post.

    That said, I am happy to report that I have resolved the crashing issues (Issues #1 and #3 in my above post), or at least found a workaround. I'm not sure which of these 3 did it, but here are the 3 things I did before it started working properly with no crashes:

    1) On the JF server dashboard -> Users -> "Open" user preferences, I changed "Maximum number of simultaneous user sessions:" to "1". It was previously at -1.
    2)On JF Server -> Devices, used the "Delete All" button to clear the list of devices
    3) Enabled Auto-Sign in for my user within the Zidoo JF app settings

    I also disabled "Allow Live TV access" and "Allow Live TV recording management" for my user but I don't think this had anything to do with it.

    So this is awesome! Hopefully Andy can eventually take a look through my log and find the bug on a future release.

    Let me know if I should open an Issue on the GitHub page and post this log there as well.

    Also, I still have the "My Media" folder image issue, referenced in my pictures above - has anyone else ever seen this?
  12. Goodyear77

    Goodyear77 New Member

    Just as an FYI if you’re using Plex or Emby but decide/need to use Jellyfin on the Zidoo; I found this container that syncs watch state between Plex, Emby and Jelly:


    The caveat is that the episode or movie is marked as watched only when it is fully watched, meaning you can’t get resume points, but that’s about it.
  13. chadamir

    chadamir New Member

    Any updates?
  14. I am also very interested in updates and hope this project lives on.

    I've been using this as my preferred choice over Emby and Plex options for Zidoo and my only complaint is the spacing really.

    Plex works well, but it is a pain with all the manual input needed for PlextoZidoo to work with the internal zidoo player with how my libraries are set up.

    Emby's layout is the best on there imo, but it fails playback or seems to transcode on the odd movie that work fine in the other apps or base media player, which sours that experience.
  15. Gilgamesh

    Gilgamesh Active Member

    would be nice if it's possible to choose external subtitles before starting a movie, now it's using PGS even though I've chosen external subtitles in the Zidoo settings. :)
  16. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Well-Known Member

    Newbie question here, I don't have Jellyfin set up yet.

    When the source NAS is down or disconnected but the Jellyfin server is running, are all the movies still showing on the client app like Kodi or do they disappear like in HT?
    What happens if the connection to the server is lost, do you still see the media database or you loose it all together? If you have it on the phone and loose connection to you local network with server.
  17. Hippoponderous

    Hippoponderous Active Member

    If the server or NAS is connected/running, the client will automatically launch to the last selected server's home screen displaying media (if you run multiple Jellyfin servers). However, if the NAS/server is off or disconnected, the client will automatically (upon launch) take you to a server selection screen where you will be prompted to choose/add a server. So, you cannot see or browse any media.

    If the client is already running & you happen to lose connection to the server, media will still be visible, you just won't be able to play it & you will get some kind of "playback failed..." error message.
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  18. hi guys i have never installed jellyfin. I would like to know if doing this type of installation harms the image or video quality in any way? does it have many errors?
  19. salora

    salora Member

    Hi is there a way to secure the user/password chain in the smb path?
    And not have it plain like that

    • smb://andy:123456@
    Thank you
  20. nc88keyz

    nc88keyz Active Member

    I see nowhere to delete media when done watching it except under chrome: ser options via ip admin, Is this an android issue with permissions. The user has deletion permissions in the dashboard of Jellyfin. Seeing this on official client and zidoo client. I stepped away from jellyfin for a while and am back at it. What is the issue. ? Have updated docker to latest version. have checked permission on volumes. all have read write, correct Group and user id.[/QUOTE]

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