Resolved Internal SATA Hard Disk Problems

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X10' started by Rick, May 17, 2018.

  1. Rick

    Rick New Member

    Like several of you I am having issues getting the Zidoo X10 to recognize my internal disk drive. Before I get zapped, I have spent two days reading similar issues in this Forum and trying most suggestions. Still not working.

    My Zidoo x10 is running V2.0.15 and my Android is 6.0.1
    The SATA drive is a Western Digital 6TB. It has been formatted using a Win10 PC and a SATA dock. I have tried exFAT and NTFS. I have tried different sector sizes but still not recognized. I have tried installing the drive while the Zidoo is running and when it is powered off. I have done a factory restore (again with the drive installed and again without it). Still nothing.

    I have seen a couple references to the Android format command but I cannot find it in this version. Also, can I access any error log(s) that are kept? The hard drive spins up and there is about 30-45 seconds of activity but I cannot see it.

    I have copied video files to the drive while it was in the SATA dock from my PC hoping this might help but it has not. I can see the zidoo box on my network.

    Any suggestions on a path forward?

    I also have a DVDFab Media Server box and their community had issues recognizing hard drives. They finally added an internal Format command that solved all of their problems.
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  2. Rick

    Rick New Member

    I solved my problem by formatting the drive using OpenWrt. Should have gone this way from the start.

    Here is what I did......

    From a PC browser (IE or Chrome) connect to OpenWrt. Just ping it to get the IP. Enter (enter your IP here)

    It should open a screen to OpenWrt. Click login (no password).

    Click System then Disk Management. Under Disks you should see your drive. Mine showed no partition (even though it was formatted inWin10). Click edit and create GPT partition. You can then open the partitions section. Next you need to format your new partition. I used exFat. Once complete, I clicked reboot and my hard drive was indicated with the light on the zidoo front panel. I could see it from a Windows Explorer and copy files to/from the new drive.

    It was really a pretty simple process.

    Hope this helps.
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  3. KanSr

    KanSr New Member

    same problem
    thanks,i’ll try it
  4. ewaldus

    ewaldus New Member

    Kupiłem nowy dysk ze sklepu. WD 6tb umieściłem w Xid zidoo. Zrobiłem tak, jak odpisałeś. Prawdopodobnie od 10 razy. Napęd tylko pamięci zewnętrznej. Czy punkt monitorowania musi zostać zmieniony?

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  5. Rick

    Rick New Member

    Na karcie System znajdź kartę zarządzania dyskami i edytuj dysk. wykonaj funkcję formatowania, a następnie wykonaj roboot, a następnie zidoo box i powinieneś zobaczyć hdd.
  6. ewaldus

    ewaldus New Member

    Zidoo widzi dysk jako przenośny. Chcę wewnętrznego.
  7. Rick

    Rick New Member

    Czy dysk twardy jest zainstalowany wewnętrznie w pudełku Zidoo? Jeśli tak, przejdź do OPENWRT i wybierz System, a następnie Zarządzanie dyskami. Powinieneś zobaczyć swój HDD na ekranie zarządzania Doisk. W kolumnie Edytuj partycję kliknij przycisk Edytuj, a następnie na następnym ekranie wybierz opcję Formatuj. Jeśli to nie zadziała, wróć do ekranu System i spójrz w opcję Mount Points. Nie musiałem wprowadzać tutaj zmian. Sprawdź, czy dysk twardy jest wewnętrzny. Mam nadzieję że to pomoże!
  8. Sergei

    Sergei New Member

    Аналогично, с WD Red 4TB (WD40EFRX).
    Помогло, спасибо;).

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