how to turn off zidoo z9s remotly via url

Discussion in 'ZIDOO Z9S' started by MarcinZm, Dec 28, 2019.

  1. MarcinZm

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    I would like to to have possibility to turn off zidoo z9s via url or remotly.
    I have samba turn on in Openwrt.
    I have FTP server turn on.

    Is there any possibility to turn off zidoo z9s via url or any other way to do it remotly from PC?
    Maybe I should installed some Android app to do it?

    Can you help me?
  2. am2

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    I turn off the Z9s with the "Zidoo controller" app for Android.
    Within "Remote control" click on the three dots that appear in the upper corner to switch to the complete remote control and there appears the power button.
  3. MarcinZm

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    I tried to use Zidoo controller but it is not supported by Zidoo Z9S.
    I downloaded it and installed it from web page.
    Unfortunatelly Zidoo controller doesn`t work at all in Zidoo Z9S.

    I wrote my own Android app which can do it for me.
    I can shutdown Zidoo Z9S via URL but I have to install my Android app.
    It can give me possibility to shutdown Zidoo Z9S through my C# application either.

  4. am2

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    if your app works, then solved.

    As for the "Zidoo Controller" app you can download it directly from the Zidoo website:

    Although the web indicates version 1.4.1 is version 1.5.3, which is the latest available (this thread explains this topic). If you open the apk file with 7-zip (or similar) you can see the version by viewing the "AndroidManifest.xml" file.

    It works for me with my Z9s.
  5. karipu

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    Latest version for iPad users is 1.0.5!
  6. am2

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    I was testing with what was indicated in this topic:

    You can also do remote control from the web, for this you only have to access the IP of the Z9s with port 9528 (in me Z9s is the IP The first time you access you will be asked to set the password.

    Since you have the option of displaying a remote control (, you can capture the message that is sent when you press the shutdown button.

    After several tests in my case by running the following line in a browser I can turn off the Z9s remotely:

    The port is 9529 intentionally, it is not a write error.
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