How to copy files from pc to zidoo x10

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  1. virelords

    virelords New Member

    already follow procedur using samba but still cannot connect zidoo to pc
    anyone can tell me step by step tutorial to active this ?

    edited already solve connecting with samba but file transfer very slowwwwww
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  2. FTP
    trasfer is very speedy!
  3. virelords

    virelords New Member

    can you show me step by step tutorial for ftp connection please ?
  4. from settings - ethernet connection - IP adress
    with the same IP adress on PC browser - OPENWRT
    Nas service - FTP - must be ebable
    file manager same IP adress - et voila!!! :)
  5. Ruy

    Ruy New Member

    I must be very stupid in this content. I can not even do what you suggested. What crap!
  6. from settings of Zidoo go to - ethernet connection & see what is the IP adress
    Put the the same IP adress on PC browser & you will open - OPENWRT
    There you must go to Nas service & enable FTP
    Then on file manager on your PC put the same IP adress on the adress bar & you can see all he volume of your Zidoo
  7. Ruy

    Ruy New Member

    I tried, but when I put the IP address of the X10 in the browser of my PC, it does not open OPENWRT, it must be some configuration problem. Anyway, thank you very much for trying to help me ;)
  8. Sarco

    Sarco Active Member Beta test group

    You can access OpenWRT directly in X9S. Go to android settings/Other, you will have access to OpenWRT.
  9. The PC & Zidoo must be connected on the same network.

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