how to close auto lyric with music v.2.0

Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1295)' started by AzzinothKG, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. AzzinothKG

    AzzinothKG New Member

    I found some time music player not play correctly. I would like to disable auto lyric . Please advise.

    ps. X10
  2. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    Already asked earlier for some options to turn features on/off when desired. Also Music Player 3.0 has no options yet.
    I don't think Lyrics has negative side effects but I does get the wrong version regularly.

    Music Player 3.0 has better stability for the core player function. It can also do a manual search for Lyrics.
    No FW available for X10 yet to support 3.0 player.
  3. JBA6

    JBA6 Member

    The best way I've found to stop the automatic display of lyrics, which will frequently be the wrong lyrics for the song, in Music 2.0 is to create a suitable LRC sidecar file for each song and save it alongside the relevant music file. An example follows for the song Mad by Todd Rundgren which is the first track on his Arena album:

    [ti:01. Mad]
    [ar:Todd Rundgren]

    [00:01.00]--- No Lyrics Here ---

    The LRC must have exactly the same filename as the music track it just has the .LRC extension instead of .MP3 or .FLAC etc

    In case someone comments that the Todd R song above does have lyrics, I know that of course it's just an example of one song for which I've not yet transcribed the correct lyrics. is the website I use to assist when compiling LRC lyrics files with the correctly timed lyrics within.

    Finally note that this does not appear to work with Music 3.0 on my X10 because it ignores most of my LRC files and puts up it's own guess of the correct lyrics regardless.
  4. JBA6

    JBA6 Member

    Of course the other and easier alternative if you are troubled by the lyric display is to use something else for music playback that doesn't display lyrics like Zidoo's version of Kodi - ZDMC.
  5. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    Not an alternative for FLAC High Definition 96/192 and MP3/FLAC correct sample-rate playback (44.1) including SACD (176.4).
  6. JBA6

    JBA6 Member

    Works fine as far as I can tell with my standard 44.1KHz sample rate FLAC rips and with my one 24/96 FLAC (Steely Dan Gaucho). I don't have any higher sample rate rips. In what respect have you found it unsatisfactory for 44.1 rips?
  7. JBA6

    JBA6 Member

    Hi Nice Monkey, I understand now.
    I hadn't checked to see what audio sample rate was being sent to my AVR for the various sample rate rate rips in my music collection. Indeed I hadn't realised that on the default Quick Settings, Audio output setting they were all being sent at the same 48KHz. Now I've changed the Audio output setting to RAW I can see the correct 96KHz for my 24/96 Steely Dan album and for the various 24/96 FLAC demo files (mostly downloads from the 2L website in Norway) but as you say only if the Zidoo Music app is used not for ZDMC or Kodi which ignores this setting and sends everything at 48KHz. I can see therefore that this would be an important issue for some users however I must say that even when sent at the default Audio output setting of 48KHz my rips still sound excellent to me.

    With regard to this particular forum thread therefore it depends on the original poster's priorities as to what's the most important aspect of music playback, absolute sound quality or a screen without scrolling lyrics, whether they correspond with the song's actual lyrics or not.

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