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Discussion in 'ZIDOO Z9S' started by Markswift2003, Mar 21, 2020.

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    A response in 2021 so you may not even see this.... however I'm posting as it may help people
    I was an electronics service technician for 20 years and retired 3 years ago, I do however repair for family and hobby now.

    Your comment is actually completely wrong.

    Firstly the term "burn in" came from crt tubes, its when a static over contrasted image is static for long periods continuously. The phospor inside the tube actually burn. Today's oled isn't burn in... its image retention caused by wear.. people are wrongly calling it burn in. oled "pixels" need to age as evenly as possible. Wear can be repaired to a certain degree depending how bad it is... burn in is/was impossible to repair and required a new tube.
    Secondly, regarding picture, the minimum you need is actually the MOST important part of any picture.. which is a good contrast and brightness level. Even the "Jenna Drey monster cable DVD" will do this, and even on modern tvs the results are decent. Too much brightness shows too much grey, too much contrast loses detail and bright white es are often yellowed. Brightness and contrast relevant to old tvs or new really hasn't changed much as a balance. Of course blacks are much blacker.... But I've used this old DVD on a qled and get surprisingly decent basic results.
    The Munsel disc is a good option also.
    ISF calibration is the way to go however for the very best results. For the most part white levels and hues are much better now than they used to be.
    One fault many people do is have brightness & backlight up way to high.
    The test DVD however will not help with Hdr setup

    There are actually decent test patterns on the xbox consoles under calibration. Both for HD, 4k, and HDR
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    Absolutely "spot on" response. Like Rich, I worked in the consumer electronics industry for many years and still hold an "Advanced Level 2" certification from the THX Division of Lucasfilm (from when "THX" was still owned by Lucasfilm). If you can get ISF calibration, go for it. Otherwise, the test discs Rich refers to perform an excellent job. JVC has recently incorporated an Auto-Calibration system into its video projectors. While it requires purchase of a "meter", it likewise does a very good job. Thanks, Rich, for posting this.

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