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Discussion in 'ZIDOO Z9S' started by Markswift2003, Mar 21, 2020.

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    No :(; sto pensando di disinstallare la versione 3.0.45 e reinstallare la 3.0.40.
    PS: anche se l'Italiano è la nostra lingua madre, siamo su un forum in inglese, e l'eventuale aiuto dagli altri partecipanti lo potremmo avere solo se capiscono ciò che chiediamo...;)

    No :(; I'm thinking to uninstall v3.0.45 and install v3.0.40.
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    Which HDR, SDR setting u guys preferred?

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  3. chinkw1

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    I noticed 4K bluray, displaying 2160p at 23.976Hz.

    So Zidoo HDMI mode is set to 23Hz or 24Hz pls?
  4. Markswift2003

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    23Hz is 23.976.
  5. Vinny4K

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    In Home Theatre 4 (v4.0.7) on the Z9X, I can't get Blu-Ray badge to work.

    I rename my movies (Blu-Ray Remux) like:
    Armageddon (1998).BluRay.mkv
    Armageddon (1998).Blu-Ray.mkv
    Armageddon (1998).bd.mkv
    With all 3, there is no Blu-Ray badge.

    4k badges working fine with the 4k flag like: Brave (2012).4k.mkv

    Is this a problem on my side, or is HT v4.x not ready for Blu-Ray badges yet?
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  6. McBluna

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  7. cappy1

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    As mentioned in the other thread, I use "hd" in Blu-ray mkv titles and it puts a red badge (apparently called a bandana) on poster.
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  8. Vinny4K

    Vinny4K Active Member

    Ahh bandanas, will try it again.
  9. Vinny4K

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  10. karipu

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    From where I can download Home Theatre 4.0.7?
  11. chinkw1

    chinkw1 Member

    Hi Mark, 3DBuff,

    I want to sincerely thank you guys for your professional advice & solve my mysterious issues.

    My mysterious issue is that when play 4K iso/bdmv, Zidoo output 1080p with better PQ vs. 4K output.

    From your advice, I check every settings on Zidoo, Denon AVR & Samsung 4k tv...
    and found the culprit.

    My denon AVR 'Display' is originally set to 'AUTO' (it has AUTO, GAME, MOVIE).
    After i set it to MOVIE, issue solved & PQ is perfectly sharp with high clarity.
    I suspect when initially it was set AUTO, it detects as GAME signal & output game algorithm, thus PQ appear strange.

    By setting AVR to MOVIE, now PQ is beautiful & high clarity.
    (P/s: actually I already initially disabled Video Convertion & Upscaling in Denon AVR, but somehow the option of (AUTO, GAME, MOVIE) is still available for select (by right it should be grey-out).

    TQTQ very much.
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  12. JS_racer

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    Is there a way to use tiny media manager to get the scraping a hand, so I don't have to rename existing files?? New to zidoo, and the tiny media manager
    I have over 500 in my collection, and not sure I want to rename everything.
    If I add the 4k for the uhd,
    Not sure I care a ton about audio display, just more about 4k uhd, or hdr, things like that. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy data and information, but if it helps me sort, or see things easier, that would be great.
    Most of my files are name (year) folder, file in the folder named the same.
    Tv was name, episode number, episode name all episodes in the structure of show, season folders.

    I know I'm not the first in this position, so any help sure would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks much for your time.

    (I have a few other locations, that use kodi to play local media, so names, directories, things are established)
  13. nc88keyz

    nc88keyz Active Member

    you can dumpster dive and change the logo badge of something you would rarely or never use to something you can use. Ive pulled apart the firmware updates and it is doable i believe. then you would have to add that tag to your dbox files. Ie change the png file of the badge that is coded into HT 2.0/3.0. They are all in the android system folders if you dive deep! You cannot change in HT app what that name is so you in turn have to rename your dbox files to accomodate. Might be a working solution for you. Good luck. Also it would likely have to be patched with each upgrade as well.
  14. Stratos_K

    Stratos_K Member

    Hey guys i have a couple of questions about HT. I see that when you run a movie from within HT after the corresponding poster bandana is added according to the type of file even if its not added in the file name. I have a 1080p movie that for some reason the bandana does not appear although inside the poster it shows the 1080 resolution normally? Why this is happening and is there a way to fix this?

    Also i have another 1080p film but when i run it it is being recognized as 720 resolution. How is this possible and anyway to fix that?
  15. ElvisC

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    Is it possible to define default subtitles language?
    It is annoying to change manually every time

  16. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Active Member

    HT 4 is part of latest firmware for Z9X. It's compiled for Android 9.0 and won't work on Z9S or X9S, Android 7 and 6.
    Hopefully Zidoo will release update for X9S with HT 4 in it.
  17. Johnwoto

    Johnwoto Member

    Thanks for the info it would be great if they did that, I also noticed that they have a screensaver built into the Z9X Apparently this still does not work when a movie is paused
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  18. 3DBuff

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    This thread is getting long. I put quick overview where we are with HT 4 in new thread here.
  19. Love3Dwatmos

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    For me, removing the Season subfolders fixed the problem of mistaking episode titles for movies. Once I put the whole TV series in one folder that sovled it. I did not have to remove episode names from the file name. Am using HT 4.0.59
  20. blenky

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    Never had situation where HT mistook Film for TV or vice versa. Issue I get is not getting scraped at all = although it's getting better.

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