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Discussion in 'ZIDOO Z9S' started by Markswift2003, Mar 21, 2020.

  1. Steve Dunn

    Steve Dunn New Member

    Hey guys,

    I did some more testing on the Poster Badges that 3DBuff & MarkSwift2003 reported on and tested.

    It seems the initial scan using my file naming convention works well...including the Dolby Atmos or relevant sound format badge I particularly want.
    However, once you actually play the movie, it updates this and I end up with a Dolby Digital, 23.976fps and HEVC badges that the guys referred to earlier in the thread.

    My testing was to try ripping the disc in various ways:
    - Full Disc in disc file structure format
    - Movie only in disc file structure Format
    - Movie only in .mkv container file format

    They all ended in the same result. They initially display the badges I want but then change after you play the movie (I think the guys said it was some sort of additional media info scrape???). The only difference was the MKV was labelled as 4K on the poster but the two file structure rips were labelled as UHD on the poster.

    It doesn’t seem to matter what format you rip to but it definitely seems to impact certain movies as some are OK and retrying, it’s always the same ones with the issues and the same ones remaining correct?

  2. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Active Member

    From what I remember MKV files will keep audio badge after playback if you have multiple info and badges. ISO and file structures will drop audio badge. I had screenshots of the issue.
  3. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Beta test group Contributor

    I wondered whether it might be an issue with a Dolby Digital Plus Atmos files, since the container is AC3 and perhaps somehow once played, the MediaInfo parse overrides the Atmos badge. It certainly shouldn't do because the MediaInfo parse doesn't include the audio codec, but stranger things have happened!

    Anyway, it's not the case - I just added a truehdatmos extension to a file with E-AC3 Joint Object Coded Atmos and the Atmos badge remains after playing as expected.

    Haven't been following the forum as much as usual since I've had my head in this box for the last few weeks, so I don't know how much information you've picked up, but just in case you haven't got the latest Media Labels doc, it's attached.

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  4. mv038856

    mv038856 New Member

    How can I get a new batch into section 1 of the document? I would like to have movies with D-Box motion code support to show a D-Box logo, just like Home theater does it with mkv, 4K, 3D, etc.


  5. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Beta test group Contributor

    You could try emailing service@zidoo.tv with a request, but it's kind of niche.

    One option is to create custom covers with a D-Box logo and import into HT3. Something like this perhaps:

    test.jpg test2.jpg

    Another option is to use box names (section 2) if you have two or more versions of a movie - say, one standard and one with motion code. You wouldn't get a logo with that though.
  6. chinkw1

    chinkw1 Member

    I did many testings on 1080p60Hz vs 4K30Hz, & noticed strange video quality on my TV.
    Zidoo Z9s - Denon AVR X4000 - Samsung Premium 4K UHD TV.

    When I play iso file or Bdmv of Bluray 1080p & 4K stored in my HDD, I noticed that the video quality & clarity is better when Zidoo Z9s HDMI Mode is set to 1080p60Hz vs. 2160p30Hz.

    Had been testing for past few days, but I couldn't find the answer.

    The strangest part is even I play 4K iso/bdmv, settings at 1080p60Hz produce better video quality vs. 4K30HZ.

    Anyone can help pls?
  7. Steve Dunn

    Steve Dunn New Member

    I've had some success with badges.

    First was the erroneous Dolby Digital badge for Atmos movies, turns out this was my own fault. I realised these were Dolby Vision films and my naming convention using Dolby Vision was being picked up as just Dolby which (think you guys said previously) is translated to the Dolby Digital badge.

    I've managed to get the the sound format badge (Dolby Atmos, etc) to show by ensuring HEVC is not included in the movie file name but also extracting as an .mkv file. It seems the .ISO format or file folder structure forced the "Bluray", "23.976fps" and "HEVC" badges to be scraped, whereas .mkv only forces the "23.976" badge, which I can live with to get the sound format badge :).

    I also had issues with DVD's in my collection, which were originally extracted as .iso files. Again, .iso seems to be translated as Bluray and so forced the "Bluray" badge for my DVDs??? However, extracting as Audio_TS and Video_TS file structure resolves the issue there.

    My last and remaining issue then is that playback of the DVDs seems to be converted to 2160p (so upscaled). I guess that's fine as quality is OK. But they also playback with the display format as "FIT" which results in the DVD displaying in 4:3 format? If I manually change to 16:9, it looks fine. However, that's a real PITA to manually do every time and no way the wife & kids will work that out. Any ideas?

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  8. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Active Member

    @Steve Dunn good research on badges. I have too many files to convert them around in order for badges to work. I did clean up Dolby Vision in file names but I have no interest in converting my 3D ISO files to MKV’s in order for audio badge to show up. I’ll wait for Zidoo to fix it. File name with audio format is visible on movie page. Good enough.
  9. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Active Member

    Are you talking about picture quality as image clarity, tone balance, sharpness etc. or motion frame rate etc?

    Why would you try to force Zidoo output to 1080p60Hz or 2160p30Hz if the source is 24fps from your iso/bdmv?
  10. chinkw1

    chinkw1 Member

    When i play 4K iso/bdmv, & zidoo play at 4K 24hz, picture quality is not as good as when i set to 1080p.

    Examples : for a particular scene, i can see more details of a person's face when set to 1080p vs. 2160p (even when the source iso/bdmv is 4K)

  11. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Active Member

    Sounds like your TV is doing some screen scaling and processing. Make sure your TV screen format is set to to “just scan” or something similar. Also disable any type of motion processing. Make sure your tv is following video signal at true 24fps sort of cinema mode. Download samples from @Markswift2003 post and compare.
  12. chinkw1

    chinkw1 Member

    My Samsung TV UA65NU8000, i attached a photo of its settings screen, I cannot find the upscaling settings.

    Does it mean it will automatically upscale all resolution below 4K to 4K?

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  13. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Beta test group Contributor

    Yes - the TV resolution is 3840x2160 so if you displayed 1920x1080 content and it wasn't upscaled it would only occupy 1/4 of the screen.
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  14. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Active Member

    When you see more details in person's face when set to 1080p it is during someone talking and moving or when you pause the movie?

    Motion processing (frame interpolation) often blurs the image if the objects are moving in difficult to track directions, like someone turning the face or talking.
    Your TV most likely has a different set of parameters for each input and type of signal based on resolution and frame rate. Go through your all your TV settings and compare between good and bad details 1080p vs. 2160p. Your Zidoo should be set to auto resolution and refresh rate. The rest is in your TV.

    You should see 24fps signal on your TV coming from Zidoo at 1080p and 2160p. Disable all motion processing and set Cinema Mode on. This should produce true 24 fps cinematic cadence. Your screen scaling should be set to true pixel mapping 1 for 1 no overscan on 4K source.

    Experiment with the TV setting to understand what they do. Zidoo is OK. It plays 4K at 4K without any distortion and much better quality compared to 1080p. Trust me :)

    Sending 24fps signal to the TV at 60Hz is just additional unnecessary out of sequence processing. TV may treat it as 60fps source and have frame interpolation disabled by default.
  15. chinkw1

    chinkw1 Member

    When i play 4K iso/bdmv, & zidoo play at 4K 24hz, picture quality is not as good as when i set to 1080p 24hz.

    Examples : for a particular scene, i can see more details of a person's face when set to 1080p vs. 2160p (even when the source iso/bdmv is 4K).

    I m surprised that even when the source iso/bdmv is 4K, yet set to 1080p24hz on Zidoo & let TV upscale to 4K looks better than set to 2160p24hz.
  16. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Active Member

    Pause the movie and take pictures. Show us the difference.
  17. chinkw1

    chinkw1 Member

    Yes, I agree.

    Its not when pausing the movie, its when someone talking.

    I will trial error on TV settings, to find out why the TV upscale 1080p differently vs. upscaling 2160p..:)
  18. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Active Member

    It’s not upscaling issue. It is motion processing issue. Motion processor works better with 1080p compared to 2160p. There is a lot less data to process with HD stream. With 4K frame interpolation processor runs into limits generating artifacts or blurry images. Just set everything off and Cinema Mode on if you can. The motion may appear stuttery at 24fps but perfectly sharp.

    Once you know that 4K is sharp you can slowly experiment with motion settings to get your sweet spot, a trade off between smooth motion and sharp images. Leave Zidoo setting in auto for resolution and frame rate. It's all in the TV.
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  19. Diablo77

    Diablo77 New Member

    [QUOTE = "metar, post: 130441, member: 31378"] Un nuovo problema (per me): ho appena aggiunto alcuni filmati e l'HT raschia correttamente, MA i risultati (poster e trama) sono in inglese, anche se l'impostazione predefinita la lingua è diversa (nel mio caso, l'italiano).
    Ho provato a rimappare manualmente, ma anche se la ricerca tmdb funziona correttamente, alla fine il risultato è in inglese ...
    Qualche suggerimento? [/ QUOTE]
    Ultimamente quando aggiungo nuovi film stesso tuo problema, hai risolto?
  20. chinkw1

    chinkw1 Member

    Thats excellent explanation bro. Glad I join this forum.
    You r very Knowledgeable in display technology, thanks very much.

    I will try all settings on my TV tonight.

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