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Discussion in 'ZIDOO X9S' started by framednlv, Sep 18, 2018.

  1. AMST

    AMST New Member

    I have same issue, did you find a solution ? Can someone from Zidoo team help please?
  2. aresjose

    aresjose New Member

    The only answer I can give You or anyone that purchase these unit is simple just not update the unit to any Zidoo update it will stop working cause Zidoo wont authorize the unit, it is a Zidoo just they will not authorize cause was not sold by Zidoo, I think it should work just fine as it is just don't upgrade the Firmware..., Mine, I never got an answer from Zidow,They Ignored My totally..
    You can install all the APK it should be just fine just Do not upgrade the Firmware... Have a nice day.
    P.D. If some one have an idea how to go back to the original software that these unit come with or have a way to get the original Image from it it will save all the ones we all ready damaged thinking it was O.K. to upgrade to Zidoo original software. Thank You every one to try and help us with our mess.. GBYA.
  3. AMST

    AMST New Member

    As i was following this unit from the first beginning, I know that Zidoo had activated tens of this unit without any issue previously. There were a post on AVSForum, and through that post there were more than 100 people bought this white labeled unit and Zidoo already activated them all!, please note that I've a friend of mine has an activated ourglass unit by Zidoo team.. also as per my discussion with the seller, Its totally genuine Zidoo unit with re branded "white label" name. The question now, why Zidoo decided now to stop activating the unit?!
  4. nc88keyz

    nc88keyz New Member

    I am in a situation as well. Shame on zidoo. They activated one unit for me. I shall explain.

    I have 3 zidoo x9s. 2 zidoo sold units and 1 ourglass unit. After purchasing it which zidoo had no issues activating for me for a build for a friend. We decided to purchase two more units from ourglass. You may have guessed as backup units. I have a total of 3 oled 3d displays and my friend has an 80 inch 3d display as well. We love our 3d but now we sit on two boxes of bricks as we both purchased them as backups. Hard to swallow that zidoo did for one but will not do for the others. I am a long time zidoo supporter through many growing pains with the firmware development. I strongly urge Zidoo to reconsider their position on this. I have the opportunity to recommend these units and in the field, but my decision on that will be based on how zidoo approaches this situation.

    It's pretty greedy, to leave a customer high and dry who purchased a white label product with their name on it. They should have issued a cease and desist order to the company whom is still selling their white label intellectual property on Ebay as of this writing. Instead Zidoo punished the end-user.

    Not a great way to retain customer base.

    Can someone again explain to me why Zidoo is requiring activation in the first place with mac address authentication on a piece of equipment that we own. This doesnt /should not even pertain to Zidoo retail channel boxes. Its shameful in the first place and people just sort of looked the other way as long as Zidoo commited to fixing the activation errors. Now this!
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  5. litlgi74

    litlgi74 Member

    If you can... Request a return on eBay for the reason of "Doesn't Work or Defective" I was able to return two of my players to Ourglass that Zidoo would no longer activate.

    It just stinks... These are Zidoo X9S players... There is even a label on the motherboard of the Ourglass player that says Zidoo X9S.

    Not sure why Zidoo won't activate them anymore... Maybe Ourglass owes them money.

    Hope this helps.
  6. nc88keyz

    nc88keyz New Member

    again they are screwing over their customers , not the guy on ebay whoring the players out. It's way past my return period on ebay. I guess by Zidoos stance I was supposed to open them all up and activate them...while they felt like providing customer service whereas now they arent really just into providing customer service anymore. Makes good business sense to me. *smh*
  7. nc88keyz

    nc88keyz New Member

    typical Zidoo fasion....ignore the peanut gallery's complaints.

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