HDR10 issues, only sending 8bit

Discussion in 'ZIDOO Z9S' started by Thor, Mar 11, 2019.

  1. Thor

    Thor New Member

    hi, my new Z9s just arrived and im testing it on my Samsung 7005 HDR10 enabled TV.

    When watching some test HDR10 enabled content, im getting HDR10 on my Samsung, but my Z9s is saying :

    3840x2160p @ framerate YUV444 8bits BT2020

    And my Vertex is saying :

    TX0: BT2020 8b HDR 297mhz
    HDR: ST-smpte st 2084 LUM 1000/0.005 MAxCLL/FALL 0/0

    Trying to force 10bit leads all HDR10 content to trigger a black screen for the duration of the content asset...(goes back to normal afterwards)

    Anyone know why the Z9s isnt sending out 10bit as wel as MaxCLL/FALL values ?
    Some films are saying Lum 0/0 also, but smpte 2084...
    Seems that the z9s isnt reading the HDR sei messages correctly in the bitstream and passing them on..

    (default FW, 1.78)
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  2. x9suser

    x9suser Member

    This is
    This is related to the hotly debated Black screen at 10 bit topic


    Like you say , if you force 10 bit at 4k and there is black screen , then there is no point carrying on at this combo setting, except wait and pray for future FW to fix the problem. Even if you upgrade to current FW, things are unlkely to change, because the problem still exist from 1.7.8 till 2.1.40 for lots of us.

    In the meantime just don't use this specific combo which triggers the black screen :-

    4k + 23/24/25/30 hz + 10 bits (Zidoo color and TV HDMI UHD 10 bit enabled).
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  3. Thor

    Thor New Member

    thx! ya, saw that thread and it seems quite the same as me.. But, i also see this on p50/p60 and in the UI mode, my vertex is saying 12bit.. :)
  4. x9suser

    x9suser Member

    Strange, normally if you force to 50 or 60hz the problem will go away.
  5. Emphyrio

    Emphyrio New Member

    and the best part is i have back screen sometime on 1080p 23Htz 4:4:4 10bit :'
  6. x9suser

    x9suser Member

    Gosh, yours is even more serious than most.
  7. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Active Member

    The beauty of having a Vertex is you can set your sink EDID to whatever makes the Zidoo happy and the Vertex output to whatever makes your TV happy - Keeping the sink EDID at 600MHz (ie, everything allowed) , try setting the Zidoo to output 10-bit 444 and then set the Vertex to output 12-bit 422 or 12-bit 444 - that conversion is effectively lossless since the source is 10-bit 420 (8-bit in the case of 2K material) so there is no change in image quality.

    Obviously 12-bit 422 is the least stressful for the HDMI chain, but that really shouldn't be an issue.

    The SEI messages are generally sent correctly from the Zidoo as long as you have HDR on auto, but only on the latest firmware. I say generally because it does occasionally throw a bit of a fit.
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  8. kfpanda

    kfpanda New Member

    believe maxcll/fall values will be filled in next fw (already in .40 beta).

    I played around different test samples last nite. I have my z9s settings set to auto so it just output as is. I am not trying to upsample anything (in fact, I was trying to test some 4k60hz samples). for now, thats what I want.
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