Hdr washed out

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X9S' started by huntlaar, Dec 18, 2018.

  1. x9suser

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    As far as I know, if I disable Samsung KS7000 Hdmi UHD color , I won't be getting 10 bit color, even if the source is 10 bit.

    Don't know about your model.

    Also all the HDMi ports on the KS7000 can set invidually to UHD Color or off.
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  2. x9suser

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    Sorry double post.
  3. Tony77

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    I am just saying 'how' I get the BEST picture, & fixing the 'washout'...
    whatever the 'industry or manufacturers' want to call it or label it I feel is secondary...
    whether its 8 bit, 12bit, 4k, UHD, RGB, limited, FULL, high bandwidth, 4:2:0, 4:4:4, superman mode, a WALL, fence, or chicken wire.... doesn't really matter to me.
    whatever works BEST is most important IMHO..

    the zidoo is doing so many things things, then each tv is doing its thing, so I just try to find what "looks" best, & leave the technicalities till the industry matures!
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    And I am saying what works best for me is disable HDR in Zidoo, and my Samsung KS7000 functions normally. As I said before, for me HDR is just one big hype.

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